Heal, grow and evolve with Shinespace by Ritu Hirani

Heal, grow and evolve with Shinespace by Ritu Hirani

'Heal-Grow-Evolve!' Ritu Hirani -Founder of Shinespace believes that transformation can truly take place if one believes and follows the aforementioned three pillars. She is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Speaker, Storyteller, and Podcaster. She has astounding credentials as a counsellor, transformation mind coach, and NLP master practitioner.  Her expertise and the services offered in her professional capacity are the following :

  • Student Counselling Cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner
  • Positive psychology
  • Anxiety Rebalance coaching
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Emotional Resilience Coach
  • Relationship therapy and coaching.


She has been supervised and trained under 30 senior counsellors. Her passion-led venture Shinespace established in 2019- is a platform offering customized Life Coaching services,  packages and workshops for individuals and groups on mental growth, emotional resilience and overall transformation. Ritu is hosting a podcast show called ShineSpace on the channel 'Kyaa Matlab' playing on Spotify and youtube.



Abuse and trauma do not affect a person while it's happening, it leaves a long-term effect on the mind and body. Mental Health directly affects physical health in various ways. Sexually abused at the age of 11, made her realize the fear and stress that this trauma caused her young mind leading on to have unexplained epilepsy attacks. Over a long period, left untreated trauma can cause potential aches, disease and tumours etc.


She experienced a significant traumatic incident in 1999. It caused melancholy and, later, seizures, necessitating the use of anti-epileptic medications. In 2007, she began dating Chetan Hirani and began to feel better because he calmed her, made her feel wonderful, and helped her live life fully. She married Chetan in 2012, but they had relationship problems since she didn't fully recover from her trauma. Around 2013, she relapsed into despair- health, marriage and family issues towered and encircled her completely leading her to have suicidal thoughts. In 2016, she discovered another health issue and had to have open shoulder surgery. She was then diagnosed with osteoporosis. The doctor referred to her as a walking eggshell. She saw this as another chance and opted to pursue a diploma course in psychotherapy in 2017. While recovering from a spinal cord fracture, she began her training at Sathy Sai Super Speciality Hospital. In 2019, she established her passion and called it Shinespace. She started her training in Positive Psychology Life Coaching, an international certification that was ICF-approved. She enrolled in the NLP master practitioner and emotional resilience coach course in 2020 to enhance her abilities and expertise and better serve her clients.


As a life coach, she began with aligned 1:1 clients and advanced as she believes in a development mentality and huge dreams. Her journey thus far is being documented in a book. She went on to become an Emotional Resilience and Anxiety Rebalance coach after earning her Counsellor certification from Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital. She also finished her training to become an ICF-accredited Positive Psychology life coach. She is desperate to see more and more transformations, to make a difference in more and more people's lives. That is what motivates her and keeps her going. She feels that as long as she is alive and in good health, she must work towards her mission.


It’s her passion and purpose to build better lives and help people HEAL, GROW AND EVOLVE! She has found her purpose to help transform people she can come across and help them come out of traps deep, dark and directionless. She believes that whatever one creates, whatever they sell, the goal must be pure and true to attain big things in life and good places in life. She truly believes in it, and that is her number one key to success. Also saying that as humans, we should normalise the idea of getting help and that if one ever feels the need for it, they could employ a life coach to help them return to their former condition. 


To know more, visit: https://shinespace.co/