HumanTroop Ventures, Top HR Consulting Firm ready to serve in Navi Mumbai

HumanTroop Ventures, Top HR Consulting Firm ready to serve in Navi Mumbai

Today’s world is changing rapidly, offering a wealth of opportunities in an ever-evolving industry scene. With buzzwords like agile, cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, and robotic process are gaining popularity, however the human component or in other words Human Resources still holds an irreplaceable place in today's industry.


Therefore, today more than in past, to keep the competitive edge and advantage over the competitors and peers, there is a need for a robust and capable way of working in HR Management & Consulting. To mitigate and address these niche requirements, we hereby present the launch of Human Resources Consulting company, HumanTroop Ventures ( which is certified as ISO 9001:2015 QMS (Quality Management Services)


As per the Preceding Trends, Human Consulting industry by large, the clients are offered a choice of HR consulting service providers, however most of them include the Big B’s or Proclaimed Tier Providers, which either only provide syndicated rigid way of approach that add meager value to the assignment and service quality or work with very static set of terms which are not suitable or addresses for all employers. HumanTroop Ventures affirms its dynamic and kaizen approach towards each requirements and remains available for every Industry Employers without any differentiations or prejudices right from Salt to Software, Automotive to Aviation, Wellness to Pharmaceuticals or Life Sciences, Information Technology to Scientific Research, Metals to Minerals, FMCG to Retails, Manufacturing and much more


The ideation behind the inception of HumanTroop Ventures is to make the HR Consulting Domain a better place to work, compete and deliver with a clear purview as a Trustable partner for Employers and Employees. Our Founders and Team consists of members with exposure from industry leading platforms i.e National HRD Network (NHRDN) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) with vast work experience of over 18+ Years working in the functions like Generics, Consulting, Operations, Trainings, Payroll, Compliance, Scrutiny, Sales, Marketing, Delivery and more. Our motive is to position HumanTroop Ventures into the HR Consulting and Manpower Industry as one of the top leaders amongst the HR Consultant and Allied Services firms in City of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.


We at HumanTroop Ventures aim to be amongst your trusted provider to shape your team with holistic solutions with candidate & executives at scale and at the same time are yours perfect service delivery partner for all your Human Capital & Business Team operations needs. Be it Human Resources Operations, Manpower, Payroll & Wages, Temporary Staffing, Permanent Staffing, Compliance & Scrutiny, Training & Feedbacks, Reviews & Evaluations, Perks and Incentivisation, Background Screening (BGV) & Vigilance or anything that your Business Demands, We retaliate to be your One Stop Solutions provider with end to end services at your approach. Our team has catered already to over 100+ Small to Big Companies, and a track of over 1500+ Candidates successfully placed, from Executive level to top professionals, and in association with few top Colleges in Mumbai Suburban and Navi Mumbai, have successfully organized a few On Campus Recruitment rounds for Engineering Graduates attended by over 2000 Students cumulatively. Whether you are a startup, small business or a global employer MNC starting or expanding in India your talent needs are at the heart of what we do.


We accept as true with in higher staffing that builds a higher managerial organization. Backed with the aid of using this ideology, HumanTroop enables process seekers in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Aurangabad and broadly in Western India with an appropriate process possibility and flexibility with numerous corporations & companies that fit their candidature. We have a sturdy database and an up to date marketplace intelligence who talent hunt applicants legible for the profile after which shortlist them for the similarly recruitment procedure.


Trust and loyalty is the maximum crucial aspect in any enterprise, however it cannot be sold or manufactured, and it ought to be earned. We are confident and devoted toward the Trust and Loyalty through the manner of desirable code of enterprise conduct, honesty with our employees, Clients, applicants and industry partners with whom we are operating.


We always make sure you find what you're looking for, “You name it and we shall have it”


If you are looking for HR Services for your firm from a right partner, we at HumanTroop Ventures are approachable at website at


We wish your entrepreneurial dreams with shoot of greens and aspiration to make India a better work place for our workforce and youths to come.