Kratos, to transform instability into perfection!

Kratos, to transform instability into perfection!

Watch is no longer just a chronometer. It is everything that you would need to keep yourself updated, fit and healthy. 

More than keeping up with time, watches are now helping to keep us on track with our daily activities starting from calories to our Instagram notifications. What else is needed for the millennials to keep themselves aligned to their body and life requirements? 

Here is the newest sporty, unique find - Kratos Best Fit Pro Smartwatch 

The watch, priced at 3199 INR for a circular - sporty version, has preloaded fitness modes to track the fitness journey. A 3D streamlined body with a sleek circular dial showcases the company's design standards. 

Kratos best-fit pro boldly marries the sporty dial style with the digital purpose. 

The ultramodern digital timepiece incorporates all necessary features that fitness tracking would need, including women's menstrual tracking, heart rate, and calorie tracking. Yet further inspection reveals that it has Bluetooth calling and notification receivers which are a few other most mandated features of the smartwatch that a modern cohort would need. 

Resistant to dust and water and has an IP67 rating with multiple Sport Modes, Full Touch 1.3 inch is now the most sought-after feature. Kratos has it all!


With a 220mAh battery, Kratos Gear Fit Pro gives you the perfect look and convenience of a Smart Watch with preloaded fitness modes to track your fitness journey.

Model: Kratos Gear Fit Pro  

Chipset : Realtek 8762D + BK3266

Display: 1.3 inches Full HD touch Screen 240*240

HR Sensor: HRS3300

Battery: 200mAh

BT : 5.0, 3.0

Charging Interface: Docking Charger

Strap Material: Silicone Strap

App: Kratos

Color : Blue / Silver / Pink / Light Blue / Gold 

Material: Metal Frame, PC+ABS Back Cover

Accessories: Giftbox, User Manual, Charger

Black Cover Laser Carving

Strap Buckle Laser Carving

Package Customise

Kratos Gear Fit Pro is now available online and offline. Buy Now!