MathStepUp makes learning maths easy and improves your scores.

MathStepUp makes learning maths easy and improves your scores.

As the very famous Dutch scientist Edsger W. Dijkstra has quoted, "there should be no such thing as boring mathematics." So a big thanks and credit goes to our teachers and mentors who make every possible effort to make the maths subject interesting and gripping for the students. One such inspiring and passionate teacher is Miss Neha Anil Hiwalee, who makes every effort to make maths easy and interesting for her students.


Miss Neha Anil Hiwalee, aged 24, hails from Mumbai and is the founder of  'MathStepUp .'MathStepUp is a platform through which Ms.Neha teaches maths to students in online mode. Miss Neha noticed the struggle and difficulties faced by the students in understanding and solving maths, which sparked in her the idea of teaching maths. She initiated by teaching free and affordable maths to students. She started by teaching maths to students from home on a small scale. So many students liked her way of teaching and became happy and satisfied with her maths classes. Her unique way of teaching maths made maths easy and interesting for the students. After numerous positive reviews and feedback Neha decided to share and spread her valuable knowledge and help a larger scale of students by starting online classes, then she started MathStepUp. This online platform created by Neha helped in training many students. Through MathStepUp, Neha provides free master classes and classes at a very minimal fee to everyone, which is favorable for students who can't afford maths classes due to monetary issues. The free classes proved to be a boon for many learners, and her efforts are appreciable and commendable. Providing such high-quality classes free of cost is commendable.

Mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects, and many students find it difficult, but through MathStepUp, students become eager to learn and improve their maths-solving capabilities. The main objective of MathStepUp is to make maths easy to understand and solve and a scoring subject. By learning from Neha through MathStepUp, many students have started taking an interest in maths, Getting good grades, and are delighted with their advancement and ease in solving maths.MathStepUp has played a huge role in students scoring high marks in maths. Ms. Hiwalee believes that education is very important and plays a crucial role in the development of society and is as important as oxygen is for one's life.

Ms.Hiwalee also has an excellent academic record and has done electronic engineering. She is a scholar and holds many degrees, such as an MBA in finance and an MA in political science, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Political Science. Adding to her list of accomplishments, She also holds a Diploma in classical music. Ms.Hiwalee has also published research in the Indian Patent Journal and is now applying for a grant. She is also an entrepreneur in education and two other fields. She has accomplished so much at the mere age of 24 and has contributed so much to the society by providing free education to the needy.

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