Pratidnya Rumde transforms your Journey into one with a Higher Purpose

Pratidnya Rumde transforms your Journey into one with a Higher Purpose

If there’s anyone who can exemplify their actions through their words, it’s Pratidnya Rumde. She’s been through the grind, and experienced the roughness of the trenches in the storm, and came out victorious. She believes that our journey gets defeated if we give up. That said, there’s no turning back or looking the other way when things go wrong, there’s just the way towards the storm until the skies clear.



Pratidnya’s inspiring journey

Until a few years ago, Pratidnya was not the same person you would have met today. She experienced a transformative journey, which was literally like she evolved into her higher self. While her journey does not conclude here, she has grown into a woman who wants to share her experience with the world, and give them a sense of hope for their future.


As a Mindset Alchemist, Author & Speaker for two years, Pratidnya has impacted nearly 3000 lives from across five different countries globally, wrote two books Belief to Relief & Rebuild Yourself.


Before she became a Mindset Alchemist, Pratidnya journeyed toward being a Life Coach when she hit the lowest point in her life. There were times when she didn’t even have enough money for one meal a day. She could have given up but she didn’t, and that is what made her stronger as a person. Since her back was against the wall, there was only one way ahead – the way towards progress.


So, her first lesson was on how one should think about failures in their life.


“You are inspired to find your way when there is no other way in sight.”


You could call her new life - Journey 2.0 that began almost three years ago. She started this journey with a huge baggage of fears, self-doubt, and lack of self-belief. As time passed by, she witnessed powerful life lessons and experienced personal transformation from renowned mentors.


Therefore, she has now embarked on an adventure to help people get over their past baggage and tap into their highest potential. As a Mindset Alchemist, Pratidnya has worked with individuals and corporates (Youth, Students & Women) to create the life of success they desire.


“You are compelled to create a path when the existing roads lead to no solution.”


Over the years, Pratidnya has developed clarity and action in her beliefs and values. She has created and used her own set of principles and actions to make her life a success. And, she wants to do the same for you.


She works by helping her clients transform internally, and therefore, evolve externally. She guides them in creating more positive mental associations about the self and their circumstances. This way, she builds strong anchors with conscious new patterns, handholds new clients and ensures that they will get the desired results.


Pratidnya sticks to her values of achieving the extraordinary, becoming accountable to her self-beliefs, even when no one is looking. She advocates the same values of staying strong to the end, living with integrity, and earning the trust of those who look out for each other.


Her mission is to help you be the change that you wish to see in the world.  She is driven to empower ordinary people with the tools and systems that she uses to help people make an extraordinary impact in the world. 


She wishes for people to grow, create, innovate and serve the world more effectively by transforming every challenge into an opportunity. 


Pratidnya is here to help you believe in yourself to bring out the best in you. She will deliver a customised system for you that will work 110%.


Therefore, in the process of rebuilding yourself or bouncing back from unfavourable past events, Pratidnya strongly advocates to stay true and transparent to any situation. Make the best efforts to walk this path in your journey and watch how your life gets transformed.


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