Production through the correct platform boosts the growth of the content - Catch up on Kingz Play.

Production through the correct platform boosts the growth of the content - Catch up on Kingz Play.

The entertainment sector is a large sea that mirrors our society in general. Play is the creation of fun, while entertainment is the enjoyment of fun. Entertainment has a way of resetting. The creative works of the entertainment business are the property of the millions of people who create them. There is inherent friction in film production between the filmmaker, the money, and the producer, and it is this tension that keeps things flowing, honest, and accountable.



KingzPlay is a sister company to Kingz Films and Entertainment that will produce digital content, initially for YouTube.  Kingz Play launched its first web series in Asi desi, featuring Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan songs. The company intends to create and distribute high-quality content while also providing a platform for artists, writers, and directors. Following asi desi, Kingz Play will release several short films. Eventually, the company will develop its ott.


  Three P’s -passion, perseverance and patience. One has to do this to be a film producer.

Kranti Pratap Singh began his career in 2009 as a producer partner with Kingz Films and Entertainment for the daily soap Karwaan Ek talash on Doordarshan. He also collaborated on a Marathi film called – Wanted Bayko No. 1. He became a director after producing a variety of content. He has been running his business and producing television and film. He directed the web series Becharey, which is streaming on Hotstar, as well as the film Love Street, which stars Rajpal Yadav, Stefy Patel, Ansh Sinha, and Ayesha Kapoor. His works also include Shahid Mallya Music video Ishq Ibadat featuring Shanaya Bharadwaj. Kranti Pratap Singh is known for Asi Desi (2022) , Ae Jalebi (2019), Hey Baby Girl (2021) and Kaarwaan Ek Talash (2009) and many more to his name.


The profession of content creation for the entertainment industry should be such a high and precious one that no individual aspiring to it can disregard any knowledge that will make him a better film director-producer-human.


The company has 14 years of experience in the realm of creative content and is now expanding into the digital world with Kingz Play on YouTube. India is a booming market with knowledge and experience in content creation. As YouTube has a global reach, they decided to take this a step further.

The brand has been a production partner on one daily soap karwan ek talash, asi desi online series, Marathi movies, and music videos.

Kingz Play is also in  collaborating with Doodlu tv, a firm owned by Mr Rekhansh Arora, to create animated nursery rhymes for children. It will be released in the following year. Content for learning and entertainment. As it is a well-proven fact that kids’ memories are sharper in grasping and rhyming through entertaining videos can make it a cherry on the top.


So catch up with Kingz Play and their novel endeavours towards the creation of wonderful content not just for entertainment in the form of movies and daily soaps but now animated content for kids which will make the process of learning a fun play equivalent to classroom learning. Soon the collaboration will open new avenues for the brand and new and fresh content for all.



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