Self-taught Indian Musical Artist Mudit Chotia on why learning is more important than popularity

Self-taught Indian Musical Artist Mudit Chotia on why learning is more important than popularity

"Learning is more important than popularity," says Mudit Chotia, an independent music artist from TalChhapar town in Rajasthan. Music in general has always been like an outlet for any artist, and for Mudit it is certainly a big solace of his life for sure to an extent, like music doesn’t define his existence — but it kind of does. "It’s pretty much all I love," he says.


New year, new artists, new music. In India, 2022 was the year of the indie artist. 2023, in turn, promises to turn the spotlight on musicians across genres. Today we meet Mudit Chotia, a rising name in the Indian music world, and a master of multiple talents.


"When you start learning, your muscle memory will be more powerful, you will become more confident. And you will have more words to say!", explains Mudit Chotia. In an age of Instagram reels and YouTube videos, musicians have the arduous task of making their sound stand out and click. However, there’s a crop of artists who are making the right kind of noise and who you should definitely have on your radar (and playlists) in 2023, and Mudit Chotia tops our list.


"It is important to get help of some marketing tools to get an audience for your music," says Mudit, "Think it when you get popular and have sufficient knowledge, then how much audience you can cover up! How much you can give valuable creations. So learning is more important than popularity."


Top 5 Songs Of Mudit Chotia

  • Paagadi – A Rajasthani folk song
  • Mere naina – A romantic song
  • Tu hi bas tu- A romantic song
  • Udi patang- A festival song
  • Khwaabon ko – A sad feeling song


Mudit, inspired by his own difficult climb through the music industry, is now bringing a whole community of underrated artists with him into the limelight by setting up a great example. "I hope that when any production is at its best, it will definitely go viral and my past work will be automatically viewed," he says when asked about the number of organic fans and listeners he has garnered in a short time.


Mudit shares that the number of fans and number of views and listeners is not something that bothers him too much. He started a YouTube channel five years back which  gained 800+ subscribers. All he concentrates on is producing great content in terms of music and songs.


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