Rooted in the Vedas, Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science, a guiding mechanism based on the belief that the planet positions and stars influence the events occurring in human life. In a country like India, the traditional Hindu system of astrology known as Jyotisha is termed as Vedic Astrology which is known to play a major role in the lives of millions of people.

The significance of the word Jyotish is to gain divine insights. Devarshi Dutta, the founder of Jyotish108 is a reputed Vedic Astrologer having great experience in helping people find their purpose and get over all kinds of life problems relating to finance, health and relationships.

Devarshi’s journey of exploring and learning this discipline started long back in the year 2008 after he completed his Senior Secondary education. Since then, his learning of Vedic Astrology and Yoga has greatly helped people to simplify their lives. He is a student of the Western Occult and Vedic astrology and has been refining his skills since 2011.

The thirty-two years old astrologer is based in Guwahati, Assam and started his course of giving out astrology consultations professionally in the year 2017. There on, he has helped over one thousand people by simplifying their life and helping them achieve their dreams by giving them explicitly accurate outlook in various matters concerning health, finances, career and relationships.

Devarshi’s expertise in the field of Vedic astrology led him to set-up an online platform, Jyotish108 which was established with the goal to clear blatant misconceptions prevalent in Vedic Astrology. Devarshi became devoted to do so after he noticed a series of events where most well-known, established astrologers charged people a very large sum for basic astrological consultation and lured them into the cycle of significantly expensive remedies. His mission is to dispel the myths plaguing Vedic Astrology and therefore at Jyotish108, Devarshi makes available genuine services to the masses at a very competitive rate and is committed to provide alternative remedy services at extremely low costs, some of which can be performed easily without spending a single penny. 

What makes Jyotish108 a trusted platform amongst its users is that Devarshi guarantees people that their life problems can be solved without purchasing costly gemstones and wearing pricey pendants. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance at Jyotish108 and Devarshi makes sure that the clients are never pushed to opt for expensive and practically ineffective gem therapy.

All kinds of astrological services ranging from basic consultation to kundli milan, numerology service, yearly varsha phal reports, navamsha analysis, sade sati analysis and career analysis are offered at Jyotish108. Besides this, Devarshi is also vested in teaching courses in Vedic Astrology and Tantra to expand the knowledge base of this ancient science.  He also performs result oriented Yagyas and Tantrik rituals aimed at getting specific results as per requirement of the clients in terms of health, relationships and finances. Devarshi strongly believes in the words " Everything is possible in the lap of Shakti, the Divine Mother’’ and urges people to experience the change with his advice and predictions. 

He states that Occult remedies in astrology are known to deal with the hidden aspect of any situation and is directed towards terminating the ill-effects or negative consequences. These remedies are performed as per the clients’ specification and requirement and is known to make one feel the difference. The experience is different from astrological remedies as the Tantra Occultist Remedies is more freestyle and versatile and requires a lot more patience as these remedies are directed towards a particular problem and starts where the astrological one ends.

For years, astrology is known to help people get through their day, deal with their day-to-day issues and help them develop a sense of control over their lives by getting insights about the future. This ray of hope reinforcing positive change in life is known to create an impact making Jyotish108’s astrology services a trusted medium and a guiding force for people to live their lives.

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