Met Kushal Shilimkar and Sayli Kulkarni, The Brain Behind Saylikushal Pictures

When a person's passion is greater, a professional degree often takes a back seat! This is not merely a worldly assertion, but a demonstrated fact. Kushal Shilimkar is one of the most prominent examples of this.

Met Kushal Shilimkar and Sayli Kulkarni, The Brain Behind Saylikushal Pictures

The IT graduate Kushal Shilimkar has always had a passion for the creative arts, especially music. After completing his studies, Shilimkar's desire to pursue a career in the field of music intensified, as he was a musician with a strong passion for the art. As an ardent fan of Marathi music, his desire to do something in this field grew exponentially after he witnessed numerous talented singers and musicians perish due to lack of exposure. He eventually began working in the Marathi music industry.
Several of his song albums are currently available on YouTube. He began working on a number of musical projects, particularly Marathi songs.

Everything started when he began working on Tila War Alaya Dil, a Marathi song in which he met Sayli Kulkarni, the lead actress for his song. Sayli Kulkarni was the face of his production company Saylikushal Pictures, which he launched on May 21, 2021, as a result of this chance meeting and his desire to do something for talented musical artists.
Since then, this 25-year-old passionate creative entrepreneur has been producing music albums, web series, and films in the Marathi industry.

This company was founded on a single wish: to provide a platform for aspiring artists. Shilimkar has released two albums thus far. One commercial film is currently in production, while another is in pre-production.
Well, it's not just music; Saylikushal Pictures also promotes actors with a passion for the craft.
Consequently, why is Saylikushal Pictures?

Well, the only thing is Saylikushal Pictures's new and undeveloped talent. If you have confidence in your skills and abilities, there is no need to prepare an audition clip. Simply send them your demo reel or let them know that you are the best at whatever you do.
If you are a passionate singer, actor, or are passionate about what you do, simply file a missing person's report for your wife.
If you are an aspiring artist unsure of where to go, visit Saylikushal Pictures' Instagram and give your life a chance to flourish!

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