Music Maestro Omkar Satyendu Rapatwar’s Rewarding career in the Music industry

Music Maestro Omkar Satyendu Rapatwar’s Rewarding career in the Music industry

It's always exciting when an artist's work is recognized and appreciated on a larger scale. An artist is not just an artist but carries the potential to attract new opportunities and ventures.


Omkar Satyendu Rapatwar is a young music maestro who performs widely in many musical shows and also in short films. His music has been selected for international film festivals in Italy and Nepal. Participating in film festivals can be a great opportunity for musicians to showcase their work and gain exposure to new audiences. Omkar's participation in festivals is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.


Omkar does sound recording, song composition for production houses, and foley selection. He has a lot of experience and talent in the music industry. Participating in sound recording and song composition for production houses is a great way for him to continue to develop his skills and build his portfolio.


Selecting music for films, or "foley selection," is also an important aspect of the film production process, as it helps to create a more immersive and realistic experience for the viewer. It takes a keen ear and attention to detail to choose the right music and sound effects for a film, so it's great that Omkar is able to contribute in this way.


It's impressive that Omkar has worked with many well-known production houses and has contributed to music that has been recognized as the best.


Omkar has been interested in music from a young age. Receiving a tabla at the age of 5 paved the way to start learning about music and developing an appreciation for different instruments. It's impressive that Omkar has been able to continue pursuing his passion for music and has been able to achieve so much success in his career.


Omkar's father was very supportive of his interest in music and wanted to encourage him to learn as much as he could. Observing his interest in music bought several musical instruments and asked him to learn more than 50 instruments thus developing his versatility in music. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to learn to play multiple instruments, and Omkar has proved his versatile musical talents.

Omkar was able to perform at an event as significant as the Delhi Republic Day camp in 2013, which is organized by the Indian government and military. This is a major national holiday in India, and it's a great honor to be able to perform at an event associated with it.


Omkar received the best cadet trophy and 13 other trophies at the age of 7. This is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and talent as a musician. Receiving recognition for his achievements at such a young age is a great accomplishment, and it's likely that it has motivated Omkar to continue pursuing his passion for music.


Omkar has a world record in his name and has been selected by the Indian government to participate in international functions. Achieving a world record is a major accomplishment, and it's a testament to Omkar's talent and dedication as a musician.


Omkar has had the opportunity to perform at college functions, such as those at IIT Mumbai and Asim Pune.  Omkar's performances have been well-received and have contributed to his success as a musician.


Omkar was able to study at the AR Rahman Conservatory in Chennai in 2017. AR Rahman is a highly respected and influential musician in the Indian film industry, and the conservatory that bears his name is likely to be a very prestigious and respected institution. Omkar's time at the conservatory was a valuable and rewarding experience.


Omkar has had a lot of diverse and interesting experiences in his musical career so far. Learning Russian piano techniques with Surojit Chatterjee and then studying sound engineering in Mumbai are both valuable experiences that have likely helped him to develop his skills and knowledge as a musician.


Starting his own studio in Mumbai, BOM Music Studio, is a major accomplishment and shows a lot of dedication and ambition.


Omkar began his music studio with the help of his father. Unfortunately, in 2021, he lost his father to brain cancer. He then started a new foundation named Satyendu Rapatwar Foundation which is active in his hometown. He also started his first music school in Marathwada under the name of Bom music school.


Omkar Satyendu Rapatwar has many awards and accolades to his name which are:


  • Prime Minister Medal, 2013
  • Samaj Bhushan Award, 2014
  • Best Jingle Creator, 2016
  • Best Model of State, 2017
  • Best Artist, 2019
  • Artist of the Year, 2020


Omkar Satyendu Rapatwar has earned a reputed name in the music industry. He has worked for various movies as a background scorer. His two documentary projects have been selected for the international award for best music. Omkar has found success in the music industry and is serving as an inspiration for others to pursue their passions.