From Successful CA to entrepreneur - Real Life journey of Ankit

From Successful CA to entrepreneur - Real Life journey of Ankit

Being successful is not an easy task, might not even get in one go, sometimes looks senseless, but all you need to do is be consistent! Ankit Singhi followed the same process and achieved success even when situations were not in his favour. He was born in Rajasthan in a typical baniya middle class family and did his schooling and graduation from Delhi. He was an average student 70- 80% types and not a bookworm at all. He was a shy kind of person during his childhood, not talking to anyone, keeping his head down in public gatherings and lacked confidence.


Soon he completed his Higher secondary education and got into Delhi University. After the first year of his graduation he realised that this will not give him a good future, he needs to do something else also. Those days doing CA along with Bcom(H) was very common, so he decided to enrol for CA. He gave the foundation level i.e. CPT and failed. He got 84 marks out of 200. That was the first failure of his life. Everyone told him to drop the idea of CA as he was not able to clear the foundation, how will he crack CA final exams? But he decided to give one more attempt and this time you can consider him lucky he got 100 marks out of 200, the minimum passing marks. His parents told him you will not be able to do it as you took 2 attempts to clear the foundation. How will you pass the next levels?


But that incident made him serious in life and he decided to clear CA at any cost. Despite all negative vibes he enrolled for next level i.e. IPCC and this time he was more determined towards his goal. He enrolled for the coaching classes and there he found his first mentor outside his family Mr Ajay Jain Sir. He motivated him and explained how CA can impact him and his family, he also introduced him to the concept of financial freedom. With this he cleared both the groups of IPCC with good marks in single attempt.


After clearing IPCC everything was going fine. He was enjoying his last year of college but one day he got this autoimmune disorder that has no remedy in medical science and that changed his life completely. It is a rare autoimmune disorder in which your immune system starts working excessively which impacts your entire skin and your body, known as Psoriasis. It shattered his confidence. He was neither on drugs nor addicted to anything. His lifestyle was pretty good but still he got this. This brought him back to his childhood where he avoided people so that he didn't have to face the look and questions that would come to their mind.


He was completely broken but one thing which he was pretty determined about was to become CA and to see CA as his prefix. But the hard part was about to begin as he had to start his articleship training and travelling with this health condition for audit and at the same time managing his health was a big challenge. He tried different treatments to cure this but it worsened day by day. With all situations against his health he kept his focus on studies and did his articleship. His CA journey was towards its end. With declining health he still kept his focus on studies and cleared his CA finals in January 2019.  


After clearing CA he started his job with a bank in Pune. He was clear from 2014 that he wanted to be financially free, which can only be achieved when he creates something of himself and has a business of his own to achieve financial independence. He decided to start saving from his salary to start his own business. But he was unclear about what to do and from where to start. He even had his dad’s business as an option but he wanted to do something of his own.


He started to brainstorm which industry he can choose from the manufacturing or service sector  and started to explore different options. At the same time COVID hit the world and a new industry emerged in the form of the online coaching industry and from there he got introduced to this industry. It opened new avenues for him. He started his research about it but was not sure how he would deep dive into it and start something of his own and earn money as a by-product.


He tried different niches like health, wealth but was confused which niche he should choose. He was in the same confusion that he faced while choosing CA. He wasted a lot of time and energy trying to figure this out as he did not want to start a niche which will not turn out to be profitable. After spending 1- 2 years in this industry and doing various programs worth lakhs of rupees  he figured out what his niche should be. He wanted to help millions of youth of this country choose their career wisely and not just out of luck. But it was not as easy as he thought it would be, but whenever we ask from this universe we get answers automatically. These programs from various coaches and finding a mentor was a turning point in his life and from there he never looked back. There were a lot of struggles and hard work day in and day out . There were bad days when he felt completely frustrated and felt like giving up but that will of doing something and helping people kept him going. Now he doesn't want any youth to face the same problems that he faced in terms of career confusions, wasting the valuable years of his life, and spending a lot of his savings that he earned from his job.


He used to work in the mornings and at nights during weekdays and spent his weekends on his business and he used to work on his job as well. The hunger to make something of his own kept him going.He built the business with all his hard work and dedication and he will continue to work on this until he turns it into a great success and can help millions of youths to choose their career wisely through a process so that they don't end up wasting their most valuable time of their lives in figuring out what they want to do in their life.