Become a Champion. Start Today. | Chessensei

Become a Champion. Start Today. | Chessensei

Play Chess Like A Pro, With Our Proven Expert Chess Coaches.

Chessensei is an online learning platform of Chess to help your child grow and develop their minds. Chess is an old game, but still, people are crazy about it. It has a long history and has been around for the last 600 years. Chess is the most played board game in the world, and there is a good reason it is played so much. The game is played around the world with many similarities to life. Both are challenging. It takes time and patience to be good at it.


Our Bangalore-based startup was founded in the year 2018. Chess is taught in schools, residential complexes, and academies. We've instructed over 1000 children. We currently have an existence across the whole of Bangalore. We have workplaces in Chennai and Odisha. Likewise, Chessensei has introduced their live interactive classes, as well on the online platform. Learn Chess the right way at an affordable price with a series of lectures taking less hours of teaching your child to play Chess smartly. The course is fit for all — Basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. Our Motto is to support kids in reasoning, analysis, learning, and decision making. We believe that each child is in-built with a unique potential for personality and psychological development. Our purpose of introducing Chessensei in helping and motivating students in enhancing their concentration ability and up-grade in extracurricular activities.


Now, here’s how we make learning easy for kids, go through our key takeaways:


  • Door step classes
  • Activity based learning
  • Experience Chess Masters
  • Parents Teacher Feedback
  • Tournaments & Workshop & many more..


Chessense provides interactive sessions for brainstorming your child's mind in order for them to understand well how to play Chess. We offer Chess sessions for youngsters 5 to 15 years old, irrespective of whether they're beginners, intermediates, or experts. Our objective is to support and inspire our students to improve their focus and academic development.


If you want to become a good chess player, then you need to practice. There is no shortcut to this game. Well, it's a great way to help children build their problem-solving skills while having fun. A small child learns a lot from playing with other children. They learn social skills, cognitive skills and physical skills. Chess is not just a sport but more like a game of war strategy where your opponent is your partner. In Chess, they have to develop complex strategies while learning to think ahead simultaneously. It is a game that a partner can enjoy by themselves. This is why every small child must learn Chess.


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Chessensei Team