A candid conversation with Ramesh RamGopal, the CEO of TECHFEO regarding his entrepreneurship journey.

A candid conversation with Ramesh RamGopal, the CEO of TECHFEO regarding his entrepreneurship journey.

Introduction: Who is Ramesh RamGopal?

Ramesh RamGopal is the CEO of TECHFEO SOFTWARES PRIVATE LIMITED which is a tech company based in Hyderabad, India.

He started his entrepreneurial journey while he was is 11th standard and from there, he never looked back.

techfeo, a company which he started when he was in 3rd year of engineering today is a successful application development company offering custom web and mobile development solutions to business around the globe. Today the company has over 400+ clients from more than 15 countries and they keep on growing.

Ramesh's Entrepreneurial Instincts and Humble Beginnings as an Entrepreneur

Ramesh never called himself as an entrepreneur when he started. He was just a regular person who wanted to make some extra money. But now he is the CEO of a successful tech company in India and his company has been ranked among the top website development companies in India.

Ramesh's entrepreneurial instincts and early business ventures began to surface during his college days

He started with an idea to do some online captcha entry job to make some extra money and soon realised how he can outsource the same thing to others and went on to start his first company called The Digital Income, which was a captcha entry job outsourcing company.

He talks about how his first business thought him so much about all aspects of business. He also believes perhaps it was the innocent curiosity of the young age that allowed him to learn and grow.

The Birth of TECHFEO

Ramesh started a company called The Blogs Mart initially in third year of his college with an idea to sell ready made blogs as he was a blogger himself during his college days and believed there are many people who want to blog but did not have the skills to create a site.

As days passed and business matured, The Blogs Mart went on to become TECHFEO which he says means Technology For Everyone with a motto to provide end to end technology solutions to businesses.

On a side note he shares it only took Rs.99 as an investment. :)

He smiles by sharing how his first project was to create a simple website for Rs. 3500 and today his company is completely bootstrapped and making revenue in crores.

Leadership with a Purpose

Ramesh believes that leadership is not just about being a boss, it is about being a purposeful leader.He believes that leadership with a purpose is the key to success. He also believes that it is important for leaders to have a clear vision and goals, so they can lead their team in the right direction.

He has been working as a leader for many years now and he has learned that it is important to be transparent with your employees. This way they know what they are working towards, which will motivate them to work harder.

A Thoughtful Conversation with Ramesh RamGopal on His Thoughts on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

He believes that innovation is the key to success in any field. He also tells, whenever you get an idea about something note it down immediately. Next when you look at it, you will get ideas to improve it.

He also shares, its not just the idea that matters, we need to be committed to the idea of entrepreneurship and have a plan of action. Once we are committed, we either succeed in the business or learn. Time is the biggest investment one can put and later he believes everything else will fall into place.