Youth have to fulfill political task of India's social and economic integration: Pankaj Pandey

Youth have to fulfill political task of India's social and economic integration: Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey, the prominent youth leader, Indian political activist and writer from Jharkhand, said, As we see today's politics when control over money, muscle and caste groups is the sole determinant of success in political set up, we can't expect anything better but the million dollar question is, Can young India rise up to this challenge and provide an alternative? Can we put in place a set up where people go up the political ladder based on capabilities instead of dynastic affiliations, money power and nepotism? I feel yes youth should come into politics and accept this challenge but before that they must take politics as their career path to serve the country as like engineers, doctors and many more so that they get mature enough in the field of politics.


In 2020 Pankaj Pandey founded a youth group, Politics with Pankaj ( and started a campaign "Yuva ko Jodo" through Youtube and other social media channels. The goal of this campaign is to grow youth's political career so that politics is more accessible to poor and middle class youth who want shape their political career and make a meaningful contribution to political affairs of India. Pankaj believed that the youngsters being of tender age do not fully comprehend the intrigues connected with politics, so they need direction and proper guidance to success in politics.


Starting from square one Pankaj Pandey finished his education in political science and started his political career as a Central Media In-charge in Jharkhand Vikas Morcha party. After that he became a Digital Media Advisor of the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Mr. Babulal Marandi. He also assisted the BJP Jharkhand and many M.L.A candidate in Vidhan Sabha elections. For the betterment of society and youth of India, Pankaj started Sri Krishna Institute of Technology (Approved by Govt. of India) in the year 2016 with the aim of making poor youth self reliant. In this institution, along with I.T.I courses, A unique training given to the youth free of cost. This training helps youth to grow up as an entrepreneur, so that the dependency of new young India on job can be reduced.


His dedication to social welfare and youth empowerment led him to recognise the need for a bridge between youth leadership and Indian politics. He recognised the need for a grassroots leader in this country who can push youth leaders into political affairs of India. He, therefore tried to become one rather than trying to find one. By connecting with Young India at the Gram Panchayat level, he paved his path and now more than one million youth connected with him through social media and nurture themselves as potential future leaders.


Pankaj Pandey majorly contributed for welfare of Indian Army martyr's families. He is fighting to ensure that every family of martyr in Jharkhand gets at least Rs one crore as a compensation amount. He and several others created a union "Rashtriya Yuva Shakti" that is entirely focused on providing aid to the martyr's families. This union worked on the ground from last eight years with the aim of identify and resolve the issues of these families. Pankaj stated in one of the interviews that he enjoys working in the area of martyr's family happiness, he said that our Jawan fight with all their heart for us, so it is also our responsibility to ensure the economic and social security of their families after their sacrifices.