AppCrave- Best Digital Strategist for small businesses across India

AppCrave- Best Digital Strategist for small businesses across India

In India, over 800 technology startups are set up annually, and many other small businesses begin their journey. However, growth and progress, in the long run, become challenging. To overcome this challenge, AppCrave emerges as a catalyst for the growth of Small Businesses. Like vanilla can be topped with chocolate to make it unique. Similarly, AppCrave is a chocolate company sitting on top of the vanilla of the Indian IT service sector. 


 Dhrupad Shrivastava and Prateek Sanganeria are the two main pillars of AppCrave who, after gaining substantial valuable experiences at multiple startups, witnessed a question as to why most of the small companies/businesses in India are not able to build trust on online platforms. 

There must be many reasons, but one reason to be noted is that the people who rendered online services had some bad experiences with some companies who promised them a word but failed to deliver when it came to actions.


 Keeping this in mind, Prateek and Dhrupad created AppCrave, a company working to educate, strategize and help grow young entrepreneurs in a digital world. AppCrave is a company handling all business needs of startups or small businesses with Software Development, Digital Marketing, Website Design, and all requirements for the growth of a business. 


AppCrave works for many small businesses as their Digital Strategist. Their vision is to provide simple and more accessible IT solutions to clients. AppCrave began with a small team of enthusiastic experts from various fields skilled in comprehending the need for internet technology and working according to the latest search trends. Whether starting a new business or an established successful firm hoping to upgrade, the company assists in creating exceptional digital solutions for the growth of businesses. 


It is driven by the passion for building successful digital products, from software, web apps, mobile apps, SEO, and websites. AppCrave also specializes in complex problem-solving for clients. They focus on gradually automating small businesses using their website or small tools. AppCrave is rich with the best marketing experts, pro UI/UX, and experienced web and application developers to provide the best services to clients.


The company began in 2020 and has done wonders in the market within a very short period. With their expertise and experience, AppCrave has completed 200 projects in the last 600 days since its inception, which is indeed incredible. They aim to maintain the quality of work without compromising on its perfection. They use modern, latest modest designs and web app development technologies that provide clients with powerful digital products.


AppCrave today has become a revolutionizing force for many businesses from different industries. With an affordable budget, AppCrave works to provide luxury services to clients to take their projects to the zenith. If you are looking for business growth, AppCrave is the best digital agency that creates custom strategies based on your needs and goals. 


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