ASHREETA MOHANTY - Launching her magazine JOURNEY HIGH and Awarded with BE THE ONE award

ASHREETA MOHANTY - Launching her magazine JOURNEY HIGH and Awarded with BE THE ONE award

The Journey High magazine focuses on the real life experience of Ashreeta Mohanty, who was born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha in a joint family set up. Ashreeta Mohanty began her journey in academics from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Integral Education and had Science and Literature as her area of expertise. The hobby evolved from her high school English classes under encouragement from Dr. Pradipta Mishra, and has been nurtured by authors.

Despite completing a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and later a B-Tech, Ashreeta Mohanty struggled to find a job due to communication impediments. She finally got a job with Hi-Power in Bangalore where she began to learn the joy of writing again. Later in 2018, she came back to Odisha, and, joining an ITES firm, welcomed blogging again via guest blogging.

Thus, in 2020, starting with participation in an online group of writers, competitions, and cooperation with various publishing houses, the author’s activity as a writer began. Ashreeta Mohanty has been endorsed and honoured by various organizations including, JJ Crowns Publishing House, Publishing Pitaara and HolisticPine. Ashreeta Mohanty is also equally inclined to do her part for the society through her writings in terms of child education and women issues.

Through marriage, the author relocated to Amlai, Madhya Pradesh: it is the spouse who has contributed to success. Ashreeta Mohanty comments on her experience and notes that one must battle self-doubts and organization competing tasks while dealing with own commitments.

In the future, Ashreeta Mohanty wants to become a published author and wants to use her writing skills to address social concerns. She encourages young writers to read in order and keep abreast with current affairs, and she was of the opinion that the secret of success lies in continuous writing.

At the end, readers are presented with Ashreeta Mohanty’s bibliography, including their anthology contributions, e-magazine writings and guest blogs where they post on various topics based on their experiences or various current issues. The political wheel is being spun by Ashreeta Mohanty at present to pen down a book on Spirituality and Mental Health; the blog wishes to encompass wider horizons in the days to come.