Best Three Emerging Indian Poets In 2023

Best Three Emerging Indian Poets In 2023

Poetry can help us express ourselves in a healthy and cathartic way. It can be a great outlet for our emotions and help us communicate our feelings in a safe and non-judgmental way. Writing poetry can also be a great way to process our thoughts and feelings about difficult life experiences.


Best Three Emerging Indian Poets in 2023 are

  • Piyush Goel (Mirror Image Man of India)
  • Madhurima Guruju
  • Shreya Dubey


Piyush Goel (Mirror Image Man of India)


Piyush Goel is popularly known as “Mirror Image Man of India” by the media and the Writer of “World First Handwrite Needle Book ‘Madhushala’.Piyush Goel has written several books in Mirror Image with different objects like Pen, Needle, Iron Nail, Mehandi Cone etc including ShreeMadBhagavad Gita, Sundara Kand from Ramcharitmanas, etc. He also wrote the world’s first Bhagavad Gita in Mirror Image style reportedly by Hindustan times.


In a candid conversation Piyush Goel talks about his journey, writings, mirror-image books, and his published book “Sochana too Padega hi”, is a book of his own 110 Motivational Thoughts.


Piyush Goel was born on 10th Feb 1967 in the lap of Mother Ravi Kanta and Father Dr. D.K. Goel. Piyush Goel always believes in new Creation and Imagination, by profession, he is a Mechanical Engineer but by passion, he is Motivator, Cartoonist, Local Cricket Umpire, and Mirror Image Writer. He has experience of more than 25 years in Various Companies.


In mirror image style he has written 17 Books from 2003 to 2022.Some of the books are ShreeMadbhagwad Gita, Madhushala, Gitanjali, ChankayaNiti, etc.



Madhurima Guruju


Madhurima, who hails from Hyderabad South India is an award winning Teacher, Writer, Visual Artist and Performance Poet. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situations and the pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poems and stories.


She had published three solo poetry books last year, took part in several anthologies, while additionally holds experience in story telling and slam poetry at several open mic events across the nation. Madhurima had been featured on several other news web links for her remarkable contribution towards literary arts.


Madhurima was recently featured as one of the top five influential Women achievers. Read about it here.


Her recent book “Musings on Life” from BookLeaf Publications and a Podcast titled "Musings and Memories" which is available on Spotify; comprising a series of poems and short stories related to lives of people has been fetching enormous appreciation and accolades from the readers and listeners across the world.



Shreya Dubey


Shreya Dubey is a poet, writer, podcaster, story teller, speaker, live reader, live interviewer, host, content creator and author of bestseller poetic book “ALL THE FLOWERS SHE HELD” which is always available on Amazon, Flipkart and website of Notion press.


She has been writing from her early ages and started with anthologies and open mics. She is coauthor of more than 35 best seller anthologies and still counting on. She has successfully released her special podcasts on platforms like Spotify, gaana, jio music and many more where podcasts with title “Don’t give up on hearts” and “Meri kavitaaein, chai aur tum” were super success.


In her debut book, she has poured out her heart and spoke about different emotions of relationships, about how it feels to fall apart and find oneself again.


She is currently residing in Pune which her husband and working on content creation where she guides our how to deal with emotions, inspires to motivate others and tries to make this world a better and kinder place with her insights on sensitivity of emotions of heart with her simple and creative reels.


Currently working on her monthly podcasts series too with an Instagram firm where she’s helping her listeners on how it deal with mental issues, emotions and relationships and working on her writings parallely.


She has received many awards related to literature, writings, live reading and as speaker and has been nominated for numerous awards which includes Awardee of top 10 aspiring writers, best book reviewer, top 10 literary awardee, queen awardee, pride of India awardee and youth icon in literature and winner of best live reader and best book reviewer. She has been Featured in Google news, Menafn, zee5, jio news, daily hunt, Indian saga, fox interviewer, team punjabmetro, thedailybeat and ed times too.

Her book made it to top 5 books to be read in 2022 by Cherry Book awards.


Growing up she always dreamt of becoming a novelist and a creative writer.

Her interests are multifarious like her likes.

She loves writing, reading, blogging, photography, traveling and exploring.

She is super sensitive about pets, animals and veganism and has native Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

Her heart has her doggo Ronnie.


I hope her journey would have inspired you and as a message to our readers she said “Never give up on something which feeds your soul and keeps it alive”


You can connect with her on -

Facebook page : chordsofmysoul

Instagram : shreyadubey10

Insta - Writes at : from_thediaries

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