Is Author Abhishek Kapoor Ready To Reveal the Ultimate Life Hacks Hidden in Sanatan Dharma to Today's Youth?

Is Author Abhishek Kapoor Ready To Reveal the Ultimate Life Hacks Hidden in Sanatan Dharma to Today's Youth?

[Chandigarh, Hindustan Bytes exclusive]: In an exclusive chat with Hindustan Bytes, the author of smash hit books like The Pride Of T20 Cricket, and the one who is considered one of the best authors in India particularly by the youth, Abhishek Kapoor reveals his upcoming project. 

“The youth is smart. Still, there may be some instances in everyone's life where they look for answers that are tough to find. Through my upcoming project, I just aim to create awareness around the fact that the answers to all questions are available in the scriptures of Sanatan Dharma,” believes author Abhishek Kapoor. 

As per the sources, Abhishek Kapoor will either release a book or create content in some form to spread this awareness. He did not reveal the exact details but mentioned that the way he links Ashtavakra and Bandhi’s samvad to say modern day cricket, and Markendaya’s anecdote to answer whether people are born talented or they become talented in life, it is clear that a lot of research has gone into his upcoming content. 

“From women empowerment to the comparisons between skill and experience, the religious texts of Sanatan Dharma have all life hacks for any seeker. It does not matter what religion, caste, nationality is, somewhere deep in these scriptures lies the correct guidance for you,” says the author Abhishek Kapoor. 

Why is Author Abhishek Kapoor considered the best author in India by the youth?

Abhishek Kapoor entered the literary field with a thriller novel titled The Selfish Betrayals in 2019. The book was well received and his journey became one of the most inspiring ones for the youth. His second novel The Pride Of T20 Cricket which is a cricket based comedy is a bestseller on multiple charts in several nations. Even his third non-fiction title 11 Things To Know Before You Turn 35 was received well by the people, particularly Indian youth.

He has a special following amongst the youth and most readers of his books consider Abhishek Kapoor the best author in India.