Kashah's Virtual Lit Festival reached 40,000+ people- Eminent Indian Personalities were invited.

Kashah's Virtual Lit Festival reached 40,000+ people- Eminent Indian Personalities were invited.

Kashah Lit Festival 2021- An event conducted by the team of Kashah Entertainment was held on 18th & 19th December. The Hindi event was hosted on 18th December by Dr Seema Sharma, and the English event was hosted on 19th December by Aunwan Shabroo. The event was held virtually with the aim to encourage interaction between budding writers and published authors. The Lit Festival successfully reached more than 40,000 people across social media from all across India, including Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore and Mumbai. People from all across the nation participated in the Lit Festival. 

The Hindi event of the Lit Festival started with an introduction about the event, followed by the Kashah Virtual Tour, which highlighted the services of Kashah Entertainment that provides a platform to all the creative talents globally. The first event of the Hindi event was "Kitabein aur Kavitayein", hosted by Jury Nidhi Sehgal (writer, compiler, editor & reviewer) with the eminent speakers Jigna Mehta & Dr Malay Kumar Jha where they interacted about their books and provided tips for the budding writers. This event was followed by "Kuch Kisse, Kuch Baatein" hosted by Jury Manisha Yadava (Writer, Author, Poet, Reiki Healer & Motivational Speaker) with the eminent speaker Peeyush Umarav, in which they interacted about his writing journey and book. The last event of the Lit Festival was hosted by Ranjana Bansal (School Principal, Writer & Poetess) where she conducted a workshop on writing. This was continued by the director, Karan Kapoor, about publishing a book. The event ended with a vote of thanks and award ceremony where the winners of the Hindi contest were declared under the following categories:

Six-word story:

  1. Aafiya Siddiqui

Special mention: Rose Mallick, Farha Jabi

Poetry Competition:

  1. Vasudha Goel

Special mention: Jyothi Mehta, Priyanka Gahalaut

Flash Fiction:

  1. Shubh Gauri & Renu Singhal

Special mention: Reena Walia, Vibhav Saxena


Opinion Piece:

  1. Gulshan Kumar Yadav

Special mention: Renu Singhal, Vibhav Saxena.


The following day, on 19th December, the English event began with an introduction about Kashah Entertainment and the audience was taken to the Virtual Tour. The first event, 'Talks n Tale', was hosted by Monika Kapur (Author, Writer, Editor, Proof Reader) with the eminent speaker, Safdar Zaidi, where they spoke about his journey and his experience, concluding by giving tips to the younger generation. Following this, the next event, 'Books & Beyond', was hosted by Nupur Dhingra (Company Secretary, Author, GhostWriter, Editor) with the eminent speakers Sambita Pani, Bharat Jethani, Tanmeet Bhatia, Vipin Thapliyal and Punam Sharma. This event revealed about the different ideas, thoughts and personalities of these writers, making the event more interactive. Next to this, the workshop on "How to write a Book" was conducted by Niraja Bandi (Manager & Author). She shared various insights and tips on writing a book. The next part of the event was done by Karan Kapoor, where he spoke about publishing a book with Kashah Entertainment and marketing it. There was a special Calendar launch on the last day of the Lit Festival. The concluding part of the event was successful with the vote of thanks along with the award ceremony for the winners under the following categories:


Six word story:

  1. Vibhuti Budhiraja

Special mention: Aunwan Shabroo


Poetry Competition:

  1. Twisha Ray

Special mention: Risvana Rafi, Sadiya Bano, Aunwan Shabroo

Flash Fiction:

  1. Saumili Dutta

Special mention: Saumya Sharma, Reena Walia


Opinion Piece:

  1. Punam Sharma

Special mention: Twisha Ray, Aunwan Shabroo.


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