Madhurima Guruju to release a poetry book soon? Let's find out

Madhurima Guruju to release a poetry book soon? Let's find out
An upcoming poetry book and a couple of biographical projects kept Madhurima on the hook of a busy schedule, yet the author is immensely cherishing the process. 
It has come to notice that her poetry book is on verge of completion with illustrations. The author is tight lipped about anything happening right now and is in no mood to reveal.
Despite being stagnant on social media, her frequent appearances at open mic events and podcast channel on Spotify titled Musings and Memories is remarkably coming to the light. As of now, Madhurima is maintaining low key when it's coming to projects. 
So here comes the line up: poetry book will be released most likely in the 1st week of June across the bookstores, following the project on Naveen Polishetty. 
Recapitulating her best work from 2021, it's been so long since the author published any. As per the sources, Musings on life is still actively sold through Amazon and holds special place in readers heart. 
Madhurima is also a teacher and artist by profession whose schedule undoubtedly gets hassled yet she conveniently manages to spare extra time for her projects. Being diligent so far, she has revealed her extensive work on research hence the delay. 
Nevertheless, her soulful words are like charm sprinkles magic. That's why we are curious to know how's her next poetry book going to be shaped. 
On this note, we wish her all the best.