Rickshawpedia, An Auto-Rickshaw Video Ads: Expands their Business in Indore

Rickshawpedia, An Auto-Rickshaw Video Ads: Expands their Business in Indore

Rickshawpedia is transforming the market with an astonishing idea of video advertisement in auto-rickshaws in Indore. Rickshawpedia works on ground-breaking methods of traditional marketing through video ads inside the auto-rickshaw.


In the local market, Rickshawpedia, an auto-rickshaw video advertisement start-up in Indore, has received thousands of blue ticks. Multiple business owners have checked the installed device and they would love the concept of auto-rickshaw video ads. As said by one businessman, “The majority of advertising money is presently spent on television and print media, with slightly over 6% going to out-of-home media including billboards, bus shelters, pavement signs, or public transportation but their costing is too high and the returns are not real. When I heard about the advertisement concept inside the auto-rickshaw, it seemed very interesting and it would gain the attention of the real audience.


This advertising concept took into account a number of factors, including consumer buying experiences, brand equity, strategy efficacy, and strategy execution. Since there are no charges for the auto rickshaw drivers and it is meant to be one way of earning money, unlike many other banner ads, the recognition is solely based on ads.


This amazing concept follows a strategic move by Rickshawpedia in May 2023 to democratize other marketing by removing the heavy cost for brands, agencies, and micro-entrepreneurs. Rickshawpedia had a remarkable 200% rise in its user base after the event.


Inside the Rickshaw Thoughts


The full advertising potential of rickshaws has yet to be realized, and much more can be done inside, where the passenger is actually a very valuable resource. What other forms of media provide for continuous connection with passengers from various social groups during intervals of between 15 and an hour, and occasionally much longer? Customers can watch the video advertisement while traveling and, if they find it intriguing, they can submit a feedback. An IT company voluntarily regulates these operations.


The time it will take to interact with millions of people riding in thousands of rickshaws over several minutes will make the effort worthwhile for businesses trying to promote locally. CEO of Rickshawpedia Prabal Raverkar


Sounds Incredible?


When it comes to high-end businesses, image always comes first. Since auto-rickshaws are an inexpensive mode of transportation, rickshaws are viewed as low-quality types of advertising. However, by investing in their overall appeal, rickshaws can be made even more effective as a platform for regionally distributed, mass-marketed businesses. Effective tracking is an additional benefit. You can now track the accurate statistics of running adverts and maintain tabs on the clients who regularly sit in the auto rickshaw.


A 10-inch tablet installed inside the auto-rickshaw to promote the companies in the neighborhood, was unveiled in Indore earlier this month. Easily Convert Visitors into Potential Leads with Rickshawpedia. Visit rickshawpedia.com.