SEAES- An AI enabled Gateway to Study Abroad

With its inception in 2003, SEAES was founded by Dr. Vishwajeet Kshirsagar and Mrs. Swapna Kshirsagar to assist students aiming for the highly competitive MBBS exam. The idea was to provide medical aspirants who came from humble background to pursue MBBS abroad. It is when the seed of SEAES was planted. Since, then it has been imparting quality medical training to students at an affordable price, without compromising on the quality of education.

SEAES- An AI enabled Gateway to Study Abroad

SEAES- The Best Study Abroad Consultancy in Nagpur

SEAES is now dedicated to assisting students overseas. It is proving its services to students from 20 + regions in North America, UK and Ireland, Europe, Latam, South Asia North Asia and Middle East, who wish to study in China. 

SEAES has reshaped the educational landscape by facilitating thousands of students in their pursuit of studying abroad. Their 20+ years of excellence in imparting education abroad, guarantees 100% satisfaction to students post education. 

Services Offered:

SEAES’s bespoke EdTech platform is the gateway to study in universities abroad. SEAES offers a comprehensive range of services including admissions, counselling visa guidance, education loan assistance etc. 

Their technologically advanced CRM/student portal acts as a bridge between students and universities, enabling smooth and transparent processing of admission applications.


SEAES premier platform has emerged as the most trusted brand for attaining overseas education. It’s is aiming at expanding across the globe by partnering with reputed universities and institutions.  

SEAES is committed to making overseas education accessible for deserving candidates. By providing comprehensive guidance, support and access to resources, SEAES strives to empower students to combat challenges. So, they can pursue their dream of studying abroad and excel globally. 


SEAES offers assistance to students at every step of their journey, from counselling to securing admission in their favourite University. They provide 24/7 support to the students so they can achieve their endeavours. 

SEAES takes into consideration the needs of the students based on their profile, their ambitions and offer personized guidance. They have streamlined the entire process to make it convenient for the applicants. By offering accurate and up to date information, assisting with application processes and providing access to necessary resources. 

SEAES is making the dream of studying abroad a cakewalk for all. 

SEAES’S Progress so Far:

In its initial phase, students could only access 2 universities via SEAES. Now it has diversified its platform and now applicants can choose from 700+ universities and 40k+ courses around the globe.

Services Offered:

SEAES is dedicated towards bringing a revolution and transforming the face of education through innovative technology solutions. To achieve this goal, SEAES is empowering global learners with personalised accessible and effective digital tools, that offer:

  1. End to End Admission Assistance 

We have our very own time and tested 9 step process to make sure that the requirements of students are met. Which begins with understanding the student's profile and their set goals. On the basis of which, we provide course suggestions followed by the rest of the processes.

  1. EdTech Services

At SEAES, we believe in deploying technology where it actually benefits the student. We are geared to launch the first phase of our AI powered training sessions tailored for various competitive exams. Our first launch is on the horizon with 'IELTS Champion Training.’ 

To take advantage of this programme, log in to our website, More such training programmes are on the line, as we aim to make our applicants ready for excelling in exams. That will pave their way to getting admitted in their favourite uni. 

Their USP:

With their robust technology, SEAES is driven to facilitate students in securing admission in renowned foreign universities of their choice.

SEAES offers multi region advantage: Where students can access universities from 20+ regions across the globe

Global Universities: Choose the program that will define your future by accessing 40K+ courses in 700+ universities via SEAES

20+ Years of Excellence: SEAES has a legacy of more than 20 years in helping thousands of students to secure placements across the globe. 

Tech enabled solutions: SEAES has launched a portal,, a student portal which helps finding appropriate courses, live application tracking etc.

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