"The Rise of Hemp: How this Sustainable Plant is Changing the Game"

"The Rise of Hemp: How this Sustainable Plant is Changing the Game"

We are "Bhangola," a hemp-based startup developing nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and sustainable apparel. Bhangola focuses on providing organic and vegan skincare and hair care products as natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics made with synthetic chemicals. As a holistic wellness company, we are committed to spreading awareness of the therapeutic benefits of hemp and providing a variety of high-quality products derived from ethically grown hemp.


At Bhangola, our organic and skin-friendly formulas provide people with the safest, most effective natural solutions for better health. We have an objective of spreading awareness about the health advantages that Hemp could bring in the lives of people, and help them savor its therapeutic properties, and this conviction of connecting people with nature is what drives us further to keep on striding and working more and more towards the well-being of the people.


But before moving on further let's see how Bhangola was set in motion. There is a saying that health is wealth, and we already had a view of how big companies were into manufacturing natural wellness products that were meant to enhance the health of people but contained harmful chemicals and steroids that were not at all helping. We always believed from the start that health and nature could go hand in hand, and there was no need for any sort of external chemicals or synthetic compounds to bring out a better you. A healthier life is easily attainable if we unite ourselves with the natural blends that are procured from nature and are free of any nonessential substance.


Then in the mid of the year 2021, we started working towards a basic idea to improve the lives of people with locally made products that contained nothing but only natural and skin-friendly ingredients already present in nature. We did extensive research regarding the present market of hemp solutions and thought of ways in which its full potential could be harnessed. We started building a course of action to achieve our objectives and produce a wide range of carefully curated hemp products as well as sustainable and trendy fashion wear. The prime goal at that time was to produce for the mass market from our state of Uttarakhand regarding the uplifting of Hemp products because most people did not know the prospect of Hemp at that time, and the foundation of Bhangola was laid down with this cause at its heart.


Oh! and if you are thinking why the name "Bhangola", then here is the answer. All in all, we had a thought that people somehow would get curious to know more about the basis behind the name, and what it stood for and the preliminary thought here was that we wanted to give the name our startup in a bit of quirky manner that would resonate with all kind of people, giving our startup a modern and trendy base while staying true to our roots.


So this is how Bhangola came together.


We had a concept of the Trinity in our mind, and the three factors of the Trinity acted as a set of self-made goals for us. The first factor is the "Individual" factor where we promised ourselves to make sure that our creations reach all individuals. We wanted to create products for every member of the family.


The second factor is "Society" where we wanted to do something good for society while abiding by ethics and making sure that our creations contain love & nature's gifts only while being free of any chemicals & cruelty.

The third and last factor of Trinity is "Ecosystem" where we believe that our ecosystem and its components live in an intangible relationship for its sustainability. According to us, knowing about the ecosystem for various functions to live a healthy and sustainable life is the only way to achieve self-sustaining diverse culture.


Many times people ask us why we chose Hemp. It is because hemp is our hero ingredient. The plant itself is not bad for the ecosystem or society. However, the way people use it and make a livelihood on its positive utilities can determine its efficiency. As we know, everything is derived from the ecosystem and ultimately gets dissolved into it.


We are aware that sustainability is crucial for a healthy environment and higher living standards. For people and nature to coexist in a healthy, productive way, favorable environmental, economic, and social conditions must be created and maintained.


For a higher quality of life, our environment must support sustainability but it all starts with each individual choosing to live sustainably. Unexpected natural disasters have increased along with global warming and carbon footprints left by individuals and industries. The benefit of the environment to both current and future generations cannot be overstated at this point. We frequently ignore this worrying situation in favor of other good options on the market.


Hemp can be an alternative to the majority of the problems the world is currently facing, even if it is not the absolute solution. We are actively promoting and producing products with hemp as the main ingredient because it is both nutritious and great for the environment. Hemp is a successful tool against deforestation, and helpful in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere as well.


Hemp is a super-food to try and is also a fantastic ingredient for enhancing our family members' lives. Hemp is also rich in Vitamin E that boosts the skin and nails' health, iron for healthy blood, and potassium to help your organs do their thing. It has been misunderstood for years and is ready to reclaim its rightful place as a flexible and healthy lifestyle option in clothing, wellness, personal care, and nutrition.


And this is why we chose Hemp.


Along with the goodness of hempseed oil, Bhangola Hemp products consist of all-natural fruit extracts, essential vitamins, and minerals. We are focused on creating therapeutic blends that rejuvenate and nourish your skin and reverse the signs of aging.


Our respective serums lovingly treat your hair and repair your skin from the inside. They are focused on keeping the health and shine of your skin and hair intact.


The Bhangola Hemp Hair Oil is an organic potion consisting of skin-friendly ingredients and essential vitamins. The hair oil helps in protecting the hair roots and supports hair thickness.


We are aware of the fact that the present generation is pretty sound about fashion, and adapting to new trends. We thought there was a need for sustainability in the fast-fashion too. Therefore, we introduced a range of sustainable shoes crafted from 100% Hemp fabric sporting a lightweight design to walk you on the path of sustainable awareness. They come in shades of olive and beige. The fabric used in their manufacturing is breathable and has anti-microbial nature.

The best thing about the Bhangola Hemp Shoes is that they are minimal yet trendy and have an eco-friendly sense. They get mixed in nature without harming it after serving their purpose. The Recyclable material used in their production makes them more efficient.


Currently, we have a range of wellness products and fashion-wear that are healthy for you and the environment. But we are not stopping here. Soon Bhangola will introduce more outstanding creations oriented towards pure health, joyous life, and a sustainable future.