The Story of the Three A's: Fortitude, Companionship, and Life's Unpredictable Turns By Author Bashari Chakraborti

The Story of the Three A's: Fortitude, Companionship, and Life's Unpredictable Turns By Author Bashari Chakraborti
  1. What motivated you to write this specific novel, and how did the plot develop?

The lives of the women I've been around—friends, family, coworkers, housekeepers, and even taxi drivers—have inspired me. I observed how each person faced life's challenges head-on, navigating through it with strength and quiet, without making a big deal out of themselves as great conquerors or fighters. I wanted to highlight some straightforward but incredibly effective self-leadership teachings. 

  1. Could you provide us some details about how you write? Do you have any special rituals or a set schedule that you follow to help you enter the creative flow?

Although I can't claim to have followed any procedure for this book, I would have loved to. I wrote this book in spurts, finishing it in 2023 after I began in 2012. It's generally an incident that serves as inspiration for my blogs. I make notes on the subject in an excel file and go into further detail later—usually on a Saturday. 

  1. Your book's characters are incredibly unique and unforgettable. Did they come from your imagination alone, or are they based on real people?

Every character is an actual person. To construct these characters, I amalgamated traits from many different people.

 Your book explores the lives of strong, resilient, everyday women. What inspired you to investigate this issue, and what ideas or conversations do you want readers to have after reading your writing?

I've always believed that all people, no matter how average on the outside, possess extraordinary ability to overcome obstacles and come out on top in life. These stories of self-leadership, however, are never shared. It was a story I wanted to tell. And I want the notion that all of us are unique and exceptional to stick with readers. 

  1. In your book, the world-building is very detailed and captivating. What steps did you take to create the environment, and were there any historical events or real-world locales that you found inspiring?

My home city of Bangalore serves as the backdrop. The majority of Bangaloreans reside in the modest middle-class apartments where the characters are housed. I therefore took inspiration from everything going on around me. 

  1. How do you, as a writer, strike a balance between the demands of the genre and the desire for originality? Did you face any difficulties interpreting well-known components in your own way?

I didn't have to strive for originality because I've written fiction. I wrote the words, created the characters, created the location because it was a narrative I wanted to tell. I knew how it was going to start and end. Additionally, I had a decent understanding of each character's personality and traits. My task was to create daily occurrences and conversations amongst the characters that would allow the audience to visualize them as real people. 

  1. The story's well-written flow keeps readers interested from beginning to end. Could you describe how you keep the story moving forward and keeping tension high?

I made an effort to relate to each character in the novel. Every time I wrote a piece, I attempted to think and act like the character and put myself in their shoes. I tried to make things concise and non-repetitive by editing and reediting. 

  1. How do you envision the function of conventional storytelling changing in the age of quickly evolving media and reader preferences? How do you modify your writing to appeal to modern audiences?

There is never a point to repeat the human story. All ages experience the same basic human emotions. All that needs to be changed to engage a modern audience is the background, the context, and the discourse.

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