Wellness Trade Coin (WTC)- The A Blockchain base Wellness Cryto providing Wellness Coin WTC for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Wellness Trade Coin (WTC)- The A Blockchain  base Wellness Cryto providing Wellness Coin  WTC for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The new age alternative for transactions engaging the entire world virtually is the digital form of currency known as cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency uses encryption algorithms and the best known example is a bitcoin for which the blockchain technology was built.

India’s Chaitanya Ranade is the founder  and w his two Crypto enthusiast friends started WELLNESS TRADE COIN which belongs to web 3.0 sector, the upcoming decentralized version of the Internet world which relies on the blockchain technology.

Chaitanya is a Linux Server engineer by profession and a crypto enthusiast who has a vast experience of more than ten years working in health and wellness sector. He is a proud student of IIT Kanpur and pursuing  his correspondence professional course in Blockchain Technology. His venture Wellness Trade Coin is in its initial phase of growing,  ICO Phase  which is based on a very unique and transformational concept. WTC in literal sense pays an individual to be healthy and connects them with various organizations which helps an individual to maintain their fitness streak. This concept is based on the strong belief - “When we engage in our health and wellness, everyone wins.”

The idea behind establishing WTC is intriguing and satisfying at the same time as it would enable the mass population to create their Wallet to Wellness, a digital wallet which would act as an agent of change for people looking forward to a healthy lifestyle. Chaitanya, an IT pro always wanted to work on his idea to make peoples life healthy and happy. Being an ardent follower of the blockchain technology led him to think about web 3 which gave birth to the Wellness Trade Coin.

The transition phase from the physical wallet system to the online one has already created a boost all across India and the increased digitization process has already created an Indian market full of crypto enthusiasts.

Chaitanya is vested in building the world’s largest cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community for the benefit of the planet. Wellness Trade Coin is aimed to operate as an open source wellness platform that rewards its users with cryptocurrency for engaging in healthy activities. Leveraged by a blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect various people, developers, and providers worldwide and thus focus on improving global health, wellness and research.

Moreover, The Wellness Trade Coin community is designed to cover all corners of health, wellness, healthcare , Technology  like Wellness Metaverse i.e. MetaWell and research . This all-inclusive initiative is set to become the leading community which benefits anyone looking to improve health and wellness, whether for themselves, their company, or humanity at large thereby connecting individuals to organisations.

Since its inception, WTC started its private sale and soon plans to expand its horizons by staging its presence over various social media platforms and ICO stage. This healthcare blockchain is an easy and highly preferred solution to earn for oneself and other loved ones by engaging in healthy activities and in turn create an active lifestyle. The easy accessibility and usage of the technology platform makes it even more useful for users, providers and developers to accomplish their respective goals.

WTC is an end-to-end solution to achieve and adapt the fit-lifestyle in just one simple click on a secure mobile application which rewards its users for managing their own health and wellness, as well as incentivizes them to follow healthcare and research protocols. Additionally, WTC tackles Health app overload and engagement problems through a single, open source solution on a block chain backbone making it the most reliable platform among users.

For more information, please visit : www.Wtcnexus.com

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