Who Are You? : Reconnect With Your Core Self by Author Nikita Mahajan

Who Are You? : Reconnect With Your Core Self by Author Nikita Mahajan
  1. What gave you the inspiration to write this novel, and how did the plot develop?


Launching the card set for self-reflection wasn't a hasty decision; it evolved over years of curiosity, exploration, and deep dives into human emotions, psychology, and spirituality. While pursuing my Master’s in London, I developed and tested three games aimed at children, centered around feelings, gratitude, and empathy. It was during this time that I gained the confidence to extend this passion into a product for adults, sensing a void in this field back home in India.


  1. Would you mind sharing some of your writing process's insights? Do you have any special rituals or a set schedule that you follow to help you enter the creative flow?


While on a quest for self-discovery, reading, listening to podcasts, and having deep conversations have all given me new perspectives. My goal is to improve my own path while helping others lead more satisfying lives. I use journaling and reflection to help me become more self-aware. That's why I made self-reflection cards to help people get in touch with themselves.


  1. The story's well-crafted pacing keeps readers interested from beginning to end. Could you describe how you keep the story moving forward and keeping tension high?


Our goal remained constant as we created and improved the questions: making sure they were open-ended to allow the respondent to easily reflect on their answers. Three categories were used to organize the questions: "Know Yourself," "Know Your Mind and Body," and "Know Your Relationships." We purposefully kept each category limited to 13 questions in order to keep the card set from getting too big. Furthermore, we painstakingly constructed every question in a two-part format: a front prompt for preliminary reflection and a back prompt for further in-depth reflection for a deeper dive. 


  1. Your book explores [a particular topic or problem]. What inspired you to investigate this issue, and what ideas or conversations do you want readers to have after reading your writing?


Recognizing the enormous importance of self-awareness, I think self-awareness is the key to finding meaning and fulfillment in life. This has historically been a neglected feature, but its significance is becoming more and more clear. Developing a deck of cards with the intention of helping people rediscover their inner selves improves understanding of oneself and others. These cards are more than just tools; they are allies in our path of development and evolution, changing and growing with us as we experience the ups and downs of life. 


  1. How do you see the function of conventional storytelling changing in the age of quickly evolving media and reader preferences? How do you modify your writing to appeal to modern audiences?


My support for the growth of narrative is evident in the fact that I have created card games in addition to books. This is my first foray into publishing, and I purposefully veered off the beaten track and away from conventional narrative. Although I am a great believer in the importance and worth of books, I also support advancement, change, and adaptation because I know that they cannot be replaced by other goods. I aggressively seek out opportunities for personal development and learning through a variety of narrative genres, such as card games, films, and podcasts.


I understand that there is a lot of self-help material accessible in book form in the Indian market, and that some people could find it too much. They probably need tools that are easier to use, more accessible, and that can support them on their path to self-reconnection. This knowledge inspired me to create card games as a substitute for traditional storytelling, hoping to dispel any stigma and increase accessibility. My goal is to change the way that people think about interpersonal relationships and self-connection.

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