Women Pride Award Winner, Ria Sarkar- The Emerging Name Dominating the IT Sector

Women Pride Award Winner, Ria Sarkar- The Emerging Name Dominating the IT Sector

Choosing the right IT Solutions is considered to be an important aspect of any firm’s investment as effective systems help to monitor overall goals and targets, costs as well as provide for an efficient back-up system. Ria Sarkar is the IT Director of Kolkata based, Xperteez Technology, is a solution since 2015, which is a renowned firm providing professional tech for businesses. Xperteez Technology also offers services like Network Support and Maintenance, IT Support, Cloud Services and Data Management and Internet Marketing Services.

The twenty-nine years old goal driven IT Director of Xperteez Technology, has a sharp eye for Cost-Efficient Reforms and Innovative Digital Marketing Tactics to oversee management and operations. She has a vast experience in Sensitive Data Handling, Developing ERP Systems, Market Relations, Resource Management, E-Commerce Expansion and Social Media Marketing.

Ria’s professional journey from the year 2015 – 2017 included identifying and creating business opportunities through strategic drive to new streams of revenue. She was also vested in expanding existing business plans to drive growth with vendors and was responsible for leading the preparation and negotiation of new business partnership agreements and contracts to the benefit of all parties. Ria additionally developed a realistic quarterly and annual business plan to accomplish business unit goals and objectives and ensured that sound objectives were prepared and presented throughout the area of responsibility to ensure staff engagement and commitment to objectives. She further managed and led campaigns to help improve communications strategy and established beneficial relationships between Clients with company’s Learning and Development.

She was also involved in the Interface with the product and engineering teams to rapidly design, iterate, build and optimise learning centres, user flows, UX and product/service funnels. Ria’s expertise in the field also led her to upgrade the reach and search strategy through the implementation of Digital Marketing with diversified Social Media Platforms, SEO, and SEM. Moreover, she successfully supervised Content Developing Activities and Digital Asset Creation and improved results for the same.

Her work profile gradually expanded during the years 2017- 2019 and she was vested in effectively managing organisation, network, software, and cloud infrastructure for a fast-growing start-up. Ria also supervised a team of 25+ back-end developers, front-end developers, testers, and IT support staff and oversaw technical development and IT projects in a manner which fit with the overall company plans and goals. She was additionally involved in implementing new technologies and made recommendations to improve IT processes. Ria also ensured efficiency, effectiveness, and viability of all IT systems and tech processes and at the same time was involved in building Relevant Coursework in Information Sciences and Technology Integration and Problem Solving, Networking and Telecommunications, Information, People, and Technology, Foundations of Information and Computer System Security.

Lately, she has been leading overall management, development and direction of projects. Ria also ensures adherence to company standard operating procedures (SOPs), privacy laws, regulations, and high quality standards and reviews monitoring and management plans. Additionally, she is actively engaged in strategic planning activities and translation of strategy into operational plans.

Ria manages a group of more than twenty-nine professionals and the Department' SOP Inputs to make sure that applicable regulations and industry standards are followed. Moreover, she addresses issues to pave the way for analysis of crisis management and Co-led integration work stream for projects with short deadlines.

Starting her career at the age of 22, the young IT Director’s expertise has landed her recognition on various platforms including the World Women Icon 2022 Female Entrepreneur of the Year by Global Triumph Foundation and the Best Women Entrepreneur of the Year Women's Conclave & Awards 2021. She has also made a name for herself in the list of Best Emerging Female Entrepreneur - Technical UPWR 2020, and has won the Women Pride Award - Information Technology Fox Stories 2022.

Ria was also a part of the Business Leadership Summit 2022 and was named in the Top 10 Inspiring Business Women IGA 2022 Conference. Besides these achievements, she also bagged the Outstanding Performance in Inspiration Awards 2022 with HER story TIMES and India Star Independent Award, 2022.

To know more: http://www.xperteeztechnology.co.in