Baatein Bachpan Ki By Author Kusum Arora

Baatein Bachpan Ki By Author Kusum Arora

About the book: The stories of 'Baatein Bachpan Ki' are like soft threads of emotions and sensibilities. These stories tickle at some places and surprise at others. They wander in the abyss of imaginations related to our environment. Each story is different from the other, but each story provides new information while making children laugh or surprise them. This book is best for learning translation from Hindi to English. This book is also good for school going students and makes them better in learning different languages.

  1. What inspired you to write for a younger audience, and how do you approach crafting a story that resonates with children?
    Bed time stories are very Important in our family. The tilt towards children story books happened when my elder grandson remarked that how will his children hear my stories that he loved so much! Also because it is the most efficient mode of building their character in a positive way.I write their stories by keenly observing their interests n the moral is woven with that thread of interest.


  1. Children's books often carry important messages. Can you tell us about the themes or values you aimed to convey in your latest book?
    Each story is interestingly cultivated around either a positive behavioral streak or an important principle, that help in raising a better human being.
  2. Illustrations play a crucial role in children's books. How did the collaboration with the illustrator enhance the storytelling, and what was the creative process like?
    Illustrations are an integral part of children books, as the vivid colors tickle a child's brain.

  3. Connecting with young readers is essential. How do you strike a balance between entertaining and educating in your children's books?
    Children love to have fun and short funny stories that convey a message in a subtle way are enjoyable for them.
  4. Your characters are charming and relatable. How do you create characters that children can identify with, and do they draw from your own childhood experiences?

    I pickup characters from people around me, am quite observant..many are included with a bit of a makeup.
  5. In the digital age, children have various forms of entertainment. How do you see the role of children's books in fostering a love for reading and storytelling?
    Digital age does not leave much scope for imagination, whereas with books ones creative abilities are Sharpened, so for developing minds books are the best vitamins.
  6. The language and writing style in children's books are distinct. How do you tailor your writing to engage young readers while maintaining a level of sophistication that can grow with them?
    The writer has to keep his or her childhood close at heart , for me my grandsons are a great help.
  7. Family and educators often play a role in introducing children to books. How do you envision your books being used in educational settings or as part of family reading routines?
    The distinction for these books are
    a) New stories
  8. b) Help in learning and both Hindi n English.


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