Just Another Engineering Dropout? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Just Another Engineering Dropout?  Maybe, Maybe Not.

Standing among the hills and majestic mountains of St. Paul's School in Darjeeling, he reminisced about his life's journey. St. Paul's was his first and only home, where he learned every skill and every good thing in him. He was educated, not just taught; the school gave him creativity, compassion, and care. He felt like he was part of a closely knit family, where there wasn't a sport they didn't play or a lesson they didn't learn.

After leaving St. Paul's, he shifted to Delhi and spent two years in DPS Vasant Kunj, where he learned to fend for himself in the real world. He then felt broken and cracked during the most challenging years in VIT. However, his six-week exchange program to Russia via AIESEC changed his life. It taught him how to lead, manage teams, run events, be selfless, face rejection, and learn from his mistakes.

Empowered by his experiences, he chased his passions, published his first book, dropped out of engineering in his third year, and began preparing for CLAT. He got into NUJS, Kolkata, and fell in love with the city's love and life. After an adventure-packed four years in AIESEC, he led its Kolkata Branch as its President for the year (2020-21), which was filled with complexities and challenges as COVID struck. However, trouble soon overwhelmed his life as he struggled with health issues, which he had hidden for years.

He tried to avoid his problems, but eventually, the cracks showed to the world, and he realized he couldn't hide forever. In 2020, everything became too much, and he ran back to his parents, who helped him through the cracks. They helped him heal, and he returned to writing, finished his next book, revived his page, and founded Felicity Inc on 22nd May, 2020.


Felicity Inc has set out to democratize creativity for creators from all genres. Eventually, they hope to create a new platform where algorithms don’t rule your creativity, but for now, they post your work for free on their social media channels with over 20,000 followers. Running a large-scale business like this isn’t free. Still, they didn’t want to charge the creators, so they created alternate sources of income, namely, InfluenceFelicity (iF), Petals, and Stories by bshubhamb. iF is a marketing agency that deals with digital marketing, social media content, and event management. Petals is a weekly art, history, law, and politics newsletter. Lastly, Stories by bshubhamb is a space for anyone to share their stories with the 15,000+ followers on our founder’s page.


Chasing his passion for law, Bhaskar (aka bshubhamb) has interned with litigation firms and noticed a need for disruption. They (he and Bishal) have begun working on legal tech to make the world of the law easier for students and lawyers by translating a friend's and his tech background, paired with his growing knowledge of the law. They are building ways to quickly analyze daily cause lists, summarise judgments, and other helpful add-ons for your pocket device.

The journey has only just begun, and success is still a few months, years down the road, but as he stands among the hills and mountains of St. Paul's School once again (now in September 2021), he realizes that he has come full circle. He had left home for an adventure in 2005 and fought for almost 16 years alone. However, he had finally found his way back to where it all began, with his family (the one he was born with and the one he found) by his side, helping him through his struggles.


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