Delhi man's kind gesture sets an example as city's homeless face grave danger of air pollution

Delhi man's kind gesture sets an example as city's homeless face grave danger of air pollution

Sikander Behl, a social worker and aspiring politician, often distributes masks and winter clothes to the homeless liveing on the streets of Delhi

As the air pollution is worsening in Delhi the residents of the city prefer to stay indoors and take precautions like using air purifier. But, there are many people who are forced to leave on the streets and they have no means to escape the grave dangers of the alarming air pollution. The homeless on the streets of Delhi face the serious risk of health hazards due to the air pollution and they have nowhere to go. In such scenario, the kind gesture of a Delhi man has set an example for all.

Sikander Behl, a social worker and a young politician, leads a team of volunteers who distribute food packages, masks and winter clothes to the homeless on the streets of Delhi. Behl, along with his volunteers, often distributes face masks, food packets and blankets during the winter season to the poor people outside AIIMS, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Connaught Place and many other areas.

They have also organised social get-togethers to bring together a larger group of young volunteers who can join their cause and help extend their reach whenever needed.

What started as a one-man initiative by Behl during the Covid-19 crisis has now become a concerted effort to help the poor and homeless with many volunteers joining him. Behl want to prepare a group of volunteers who can extend the help to the needy at any time.

Like many others, 27-year-old Sikander Behl, also come out on the streets of Delhi to help homeless providing them food during the pandemic. The move taken out of necessity has since become a part of his routine.

Sikander Behl is frequently seen distributing food packages from his car near All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The help, he says, is extended to those waiting outside the campus during the night hours for the next day's appointment with doctors.

"Since my childhood I have been taking the same route back home, watching people waiting for their next day's appointments with the doctors at AIIMS. We started showing this gesture of love during the COVID lockdown, and since these people have become a part of my family," Sikander Behl says.

The effort has grown since then and a few more volunteers have joined him in his cause. A group of volunteers work tirelessly to help the poor. The volunteers engage in works like taking distress calls and mapping locations to help the homeless.

Behl’s efforts have led to extending help to the homeless on many occasions.   The group's aim is to reach out to extremely needy people and feed them.

"I and my friend, family and office staff try to cover other areas too," says Sikander adding that "most of them here (at AIIMS) are not from Delhi. Many of them come from the far flung areas of the country. What attracts me is the little smile on their faces showing  believe that they are not alone in their fight to give the best of medical treatment to their kin."

Behl, however, plans to expand and reach out to more and more people. The group has been focusing on large personal programmes and initiatives. Even during their social get together, there's always an attempt to form larger group of young volunteers who can be ready to step in as and when needed.

He does not raise funds, nor does he advertise his work. Behl believes in reaching out to the poor on his own and uplifting the lives of the homeless people as much as he can.

What Behl is doing could be an example for all in the national capital. All it takes is a tad bit of magnanimity and empathy towards the poor.  Let’s hope this kind gesture of Behl is replicated by others and more volunteers join him in his charity efforts.