Rishik Studios Set to Begin Filming Two Telugu Movies in London

Rishik Studios Set to Begin Filming Two Telugu Movies in London

Rishik Studios, the esteemed production house under the leadership of the visionary entrepreneur Rishik Sharma, is bustling with excitement and anticipation as preparations for the shooting of two thrilling Telugu movies are in full swing. Scheduled to commence in February 2024, this cinematic venture in London promises a blend of romance and suspense for cinema enthusiasts.


Renowned ad filmmaker director Rishabh Bhardwaj is set to helm both movies, infusing his creative brilliance into the projects. The producer of these ventures, Rishik Sharma, brings his keen understanding of storytelling and filmmaking to ensure a captivating cinematic experience.


The star-studded cast for these Telugu movies has been carefully chosen, raising the anticipation levels among fans and critics alike. The first movie titled "Taxi Driver " is set to bring forth a delightful romantic comedy, while the second offering, "Raj Mahal," delves into the realm of psychological thrillers, promising an enthralling narrative.


Adding another layer of allure, the music for these films is being masterfully composed by the talented Surya Vishwakarma, known for his ability to evoke emotions through musical notes.


The executive guiding the artistic vision and production intricacies is none other than Sultan Shaikh, known for his astute understanding of the industry and its nuances.


As the stage gets set and the anticipation heightens, the confluence of talent, storytelling, and creative ingenuity is poised to elevate these upcoming Telugu movies to captivating cinematic experiences. Stay tuned as Rishik Studios embarks on this cinematic journey to bring these stories to life, promising an enriching and thrilling treat for audiences in 2024