Divya Tyagi, The voice behind “Nachna Banke Star” featuring Vine Arora

Divya Tyagi, The voice behind “Nachna Banke Star” featuring Vine Arora

Divya Tyagi rocked the floor with “Nachna Banke starfeaturing Vine Arora with High Dedication

We’ve had the chance to interview Divya Tyagi, a budding singer. During the interview, we got to know so much about her. In addition, we are glad to say that her personality is as beautiful as her voice.

Coming from Bijnor city in UP, Divya Tyagi started singing 5 years ago. Because of her beautiful voice, people started commenting on her and how she could continue in the music industry and not waste her talent. Later, she started singing for her college programs and made a YouTube channel.

With a hard-working journey, Divya Tyagi has made it this far and started working with Paperstone Productions. It’s a very proud thing to share. She has uploaded 50+ videos on her YouTube channel and even sang live for several programmes. Her latest song, “Nachna Banke Star”, was released a few days back, and people love it. Stong was directed by well known Director Gurdev K Aneja and song also featured a well known Bollywood Singer, actor and producer Vine Arora in it.

Let’s see what the future unfolds and what type of songs we will hear from Divya Tyagi. Our interview below lets us learn more about Divya Tyagi and her singing career.

Tell us something about yourself.

I have been in the signing field for the past few years, and my journey has been amazing. With my family’s support and my love for music, I have been able to keep on continuing with this path. I was born and brought up in Bijnor, UP. I graduated with my high school degree through the UP board. In addition, I completed my B.Ed in Maths from MJPRU, Bareilly.

My passion for music and singing has been growing unconditionally throughout the learning span. Apart from singing, I am also a songwriter, voiceover artist, composer, scriptwriter, and YouTuber.

What skills helped you get into the singing field? What inspired you to move forward in the entertainment industry and become a singer?

From a very young age, people around me were fond of my singing. It has been around 5 years since I started singing professionally. At that time, people used to say that my voice was good, and I could also consider it a profession. Given their confidence in me, I started singing more and more.

Later, I also started working on Akaashvani as an artist (All India Radio).

For a very long time, I considered Sunidhi Chauhan as my idol. Sometimes, people would say that I have a voice similar to Sunidhi Chauhan. That, personally, inspired me a lot. I started by singing her songs, such as “Kamli”. I even sang at college functions and got excellent responses from the audience. That was the starting point of my singing pathway.

What skills make you different from others?

As an artist, we think that what we are singing is good, but we must focus on our audiences. When talking about myself, my voice when I talk is different from when I sing. You wouldn’t even recognise my voice when I sing. Several people have told me about this. The start has been excellent for me, and I hope I can keep singing for people.

Please tell us something about your latest song, “Nachna Banke Star.”

Although its too early to comment of this song as its recently released, still the response I am getting from this song is good. After all, it’s been a few days since its release. Whoever has listened would be able to say if they are enjoying this song or not. After all, as an artist, I can say that an artist would try their best to satisfy their fans and viewers, and I am trying to do my best here. Song is produced by Mr Vine Arora and Directed by Gurdev K Aneja

After this song, what other future plans do you have? What type of songs can we expect?

I guess that we will wait for the response people give to this song. My next song will be based on what my viewers and audiences would like to see me perform. If their focus is more on romantic songs, I will do that, and if it’s more on other genres, I will do that! I want to continue with songs that people love so that I can create an impact. My next song with be in market in next 2 to 3 months on Paperstone Music,

Is there any incident in the music industry that impacted your life in some way?

The most impactful facts were the live shows that I attended. As a beginner, I didn’t know what and how to do it. Performing in front of hundreds of people differs from performing in front of 4-5 thousand people. I used to become very nervous; at that time, my father was my biggest help. My passion for music, my family’s support, team’s support – all of it impacted my music career to a great extent.

Who supported you in the music for continuing your journey in this industry.? Who are you most thankful to?

My father and brother have always supported me throughout my journey. As a girl, people often stop us from going out alone. From where I come, girls aren’t even supposed to work outside for such a profession. The only thing we are allowed is to study and become a teacher.

I am glad to get such support from my family. Apart from that, my sir has been my biggest supporter during my shooting in the studio. The studio used to be very far from my home, and I used to run late to the studio, but he always supported me. All these aspects have impacted my life a lot.

In addition, I am also getting a very supportive environment from the team at Paperstone productions. I have great coordination with everyone there, and they are very understanding. A special thanks to Vine Arora sir and Gurdev Aneja sir , both are very motivating and supporting in nature.

How many products have you made till now?

I have my own YouTube Channel, “Official Divya.” I have uploaded more than 50s videos with different cover songs and more. On top of that, I have performed live at many places. I used to sing live in most of my college programs and have even worked at Akashvani All India Radio, as I mentioned earlier.

Apart from that, I  am proud to share that I’ve had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem in Vikas Bhawan auditorium, Bijnor, in front of Honorable Yashasvi Governor of Uttar Pradesh Smt. Anandiben Patel ji on 11th May 2022. It was a great opportunity for me to present the National Anthem on such a platform.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the viewers and fans?

Whatever you are getting in life, just go for the opportunity. Even if you are getting small programs, just do it and keep working hard. Furthermore, time is very crucial. Never lose it! Do more and more. Your hard work will definitely pay off! This is what I have done, and I am saying this based on my experience. Always give your best and never miss any opportunity.