Enter Web 3.0 with Metawitch

Enter Web 3.0 with Metawitch

The project co-owner is Shruti Bafna (school student), the CEO is Nandha Kumar, the CFO is Shashank Singh (college student), moderator is Apurwa Singh (College student) and finally advisor is Neo. Initial ideal of launching NFT was came through co-owner and advisor connected all other team members based on their experience in the crypto field. This is the first project from LightulbNFT, so focused on woman empowerment message through NFTs in Meta world. Ideal goal of project is to develop more NFTs based on women so it can compete with other NFTs in the Meta world. A part of profit that come for Meta witch project is given to women empowerment to improve lives of women in our society in terms of education and power etc.

LightulbNFT is created by group of school and college students. The brand name indicates that LightulbNFT lighten virtual world and people with the help of their NFT projects. The first project is Meta Witch, which comprises 1000 collection of photos, gifs and videos. Meta queen is the only queen of Meta world, who leads all the witches of Meta world. Every Meta witch is a citizen of Meta witch kingdom with unique power. We focus on women NFTs because a lot male characterized NFTs released and got dominant so, we want to give same level of importance for women in Meta world so first project and some of the upcoming projects are also focused on women. Woman (Meta Queen) who has magical power that rules Meta world with the help of her only women citizens to develop and protect her kingdom is the ideal theme of our concept. In later stages it can be introduced in games, where players can play and earn.

 As years pass by generation of technology improves, expectation of humans also increase because of which now we are looking to create similar world like earth and focusing on Mars. Human evolution goes along with technology improvement to compete with future problems and to find solution to run entire world without pollution. Virtual world is now taking over physical world to give more realistic experience, to stop spread of diseases and to provide complete security with the help of block chain.  NFT arises from block chain, which is virtual art can sell, buy or auction through NFT platforms.

Shruti Bafna (Co-owner), a 16 year old girl heard about NFT from his elder brother as she love to design, she went through NFT platforms through which idea of creating own NFT evolved in her mind. She shared the idea with her elder brother who introduced her to other team members. Her role is to design and help their main designer to create unique NFTs.

Nandha Kumar (CEO), who is into crypto and NFT for a long time and the CEO of the company who looks after the investment, attending meetings, getting sponsors and advertisement about Lightulb on various platform. He is from India and currently residing in the UAE. Because of one of his hobby, his creativity thinking is improved which is writing poetry in his native language. Being from a middle class family, has a dream to succeed in the life which brought him to launch Lightulb NFT with the help of one of his known friend.

Shanshank Kumar (CFO), he is currently doing Law from KIIT Bhubaneswar (India) and CFO, who looks after all the financial like funding, payments, and legal stuff. He will be completing B.A/L.L.B (with Taxation Honors) in May, he has worked on a wide variety of projects that have allowed him to put what he has learned in the classroom into use in a practical sense. He is also interested in Stock Market and have been investor of the same. During pandemic, he worked on himself and have learned many new things in stock market and also got to know about the revolution world of Crypto-currency.

Apurwa Singh (Moderator), she is a first year law student studying in MS Ramaiah College, Bangalore. She is a moderator in the team, who looks after their social media and handle live media. She is from Ranchi, Jharkhand and always been a creative, active child as well as she loves to dance. She says that she loves to do something new so she always search for something creative which can inspire her, luckily she came to know about NFT that really got trending on social media like fire.

OpenSea : https://opensea.io/lightulb_90