Experience a hassle-free journey in wastewater treatment with Sundarban Chemicals PVT. LTD

Experience a hassle-free journey in wastewater treatment with Sundarban Chemicals PVT. LTD

There is nothing as disposed of; when we discard something it surely reaches somewhere. Each one of us should understand the depth of this statement and acquire the courage to bring some staunch changes. Water makes up 99.7% of wastewater. However, 0.3% of dissolved and suspended materials may contain numerous bacteria, viruses and fungal parasites that are dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment. What happens to the wastewater when you take a shower, wash your dishes, or flush the toilet? What exactly happens to it? What's the catch? What impact does it have on the environment? And why should you be concerned? like any other individual, you probably never think about what happens to the wastewater from your home and town. But whether you realize it or not, wastewater continues to have an impact directly or indirectly in your life even after it has been disposed of.

Let's first understand the evident criticalities in-waste water treatment process like high establishment expenses, heavy maintenance, lack of space, So, owing to these people are compromising themselves along with nature, even though wastewater is highly hazardous to the overall ecosystem.

Sundarban Chemicals PVT. LTD is one such organisation working in the water treatment venture. Thus to cater to the above issues they have made a difference with their Herfom-1000, a simple plug-and-play device.


Introducing Sashanka Mandal, Surajit Kundu, Joydip Manna, and Shyamal Maji- the four founders of the aforementioned company. They have indeed taken a huge step forward to deal with the menace in a very simplified and economical way. Surajit Kundu and Joydip Manna are renowned entrepreneurs in the water treatment sector, Sashanka Mandal is a Senior research scholar at IIT Patna, Shyamal Maji is an ex-production engineer at Cairn Oil & Gas. Hailing from three different fields the four mastermind offers the company a better leverage in understanding the core issues and resolving the same.


For over 15 years, they have been providing solutions in water and wastewater treatment plants, air pollution control equipment design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning to industries, universities, and commercial building segments. They are primarily involved in environmental engineering and water resource management, with core competencies in water and wastewater management along with pollution control. They have now developed a fantastic and novel approach for treating nearly all wastewater issues with a single device. In short and Crisp ‘one solution to multiple problems’

Herfom-1000 is exquisitely prepared to handle a very high pollutant load.

Herfom-1000 can reduce COD and BOD by up to 90%.

Herfom-1000 has a great capacity to remove colour and smell up to 99%.

Herfom-1000 can remove fat, oil, and grease also up to 99%.

Herfom-1000 has a capacity from 1 KLD to 100 KLD.

Herfom-1000 has an intelligent electrode design for high energy efficiency.

Herfom-1000 is a highly efficient plug-and-play system.


The most unique quality that makes this device competitive in the market is that it can fit even the most unlikely and the tiniest spaces. Herfom-1000 does not require any civil infrastructure, it is a compact setup. As a result, it requires less upkeep and user engagement. It provides an unimaginable economical proposition which offers 1 litre of wastewater treatment costs in less than 0.08 paisa. Dedicated service is what the company is all about with any issues concerning ETP, effluent treatment, hospital ETP plants, electro-coagulation systems, EC technology, and much more similar.


Also, the brand assures all its users of a high shelf-life product along with a hassle-free experience. SBPL's business mission is to provide knowledge and know-how to these most crucial segments of the industry and the general economy. Hence, it attempts to create solutions that are based on the most effective and optimal technology available. It is quite visible that the efforts and the intention behind the innovation have indeed made a mark in the market and made many lives better. So, wait not when one can easily contact them and install their exemplar Herfom-1000 with a flexible and economical experience worth every penny.

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