Fatima Amin – Best selling author of Unheard Musings who heals people with her beautiful words

Fatima Amin – Best selling author of Unheard Musings who heals people with her beautiful words

Nowhere does it say that older people have a better comprehension of the world than younger people or that teenagers are too young or that it is too early for them to begin such an understanding. Instead, it's the experiences and way of living that allow people to learn about life and shape their own mental processes. One such person is Fatima Amin, the youngest national best-selling author of the book "Unheard Musings," who at a very young age decided to teach others about topics that would help them overcome sadness, anxieties, and suicidal tendencies.

Fatima Amin is based in Aligarh, is currently pursuing a BA in English Literature at Integral University. She has always had this inclination towards writing since she was 12 years old. She always loved to put her feelings, perspectives, and conceptions in the form of words that are sweet, thought-provoking, and often beautiful poems that move the readers. Fatima Amin says that writing is a spiritual practise for her that brings out all her emotions, thoughts, and things that she wants to speak from the core of her heart and those she wishes to convey to the world out there. Fatima says that she is always grateful to her father and her English teacher, who helped her to pursue her dream and motivated her throughout her journey. 

The novel "Unheard Musings," which grabbed headlines and astounded readers with its profound reflections on failure, hope, and faith, The readers were amazed by Fatima Amin's approach to delicate subjects and how she used the book to impart moral support and words of wisdom to those going through difficult circumstances. Fatima Amin makes the great point in Unheard Musings that failure is only an opportunity to realise that you can do it again in a better way, which inspires individuals to not get down on themselves or feel sad and upset about failure. Other books by Fatima Amin include Sarfaroshii and Muruwwat in Urdu, as well as the English versions of Grinding Words 1&2.

Fatima Amin is not only a writer but also a podcaster, a hijabi blogger, and the admin of an Instagram account where she shares everything relating to poetry, books, quotes, and her observations. She enjoys travelling, taking pictures, and making transition movies. She has worked with many different brands. According to Fatima Amin, most of the ideas are the result of her imagination, although a handful are inspired by people she encounters on a regular basis.

Fatima Amin's writing introduced Fatima Amin to the whole world and opened a lot of doors for her, and as every deserving talent receives praise one day, Fatima Amin has received the name and fame she deserves. She won the Hindustan Author’s Award in 2021 and the Golden Are Award, and her book Unheard Musings is available in more than 70 countries and is the best-selling book in Pencil House of Publication. Fatima’s words for aspiring writers are to ignore the toxicity around them and don’t give up after failures. Fatima Amin always feels that it is her purpose to help people who are depressed, and she is ready to go the extra mile for that. On a final note that signifies her commitment towards writing, she promised herself that nothing and no one could stop her except for Allah!