Fighting all Odds to becoming a Multi-talented Star: Ravi Sharma

The road to success has never been easy for anyone. Only the people who could welcome challenges boldly could welcome success. A journey may begin with hurdles, but if one never gives up and continues his journey carrying his dreams with determination, he is sure to make the best of his challenging journey. And, this has been so aptly proven by multi-talented Ravi Sharma.

Fighting all Odds to becoming a Multi-talented Star: Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma is a well-known rising star and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Sharma Enterprises, owner of Garage-SR Motors, and also a digital creator and actor running his own YouTube Channel – SR Tune, and popular for his vlogs and SR Tune Shorts. However, all these achievements were not just one-night accomplishments. Ravi had a heavy set of burdens throughout his journey to reach his goals. Since his very early childhood, he was in dire straits.

Born in an interior village named Jagrar, Ravi Sharma had a struggling childhood. Just after three years of his birth, he lost his father which added more to the challenges. Life had so many questions at such a young age that before he could find answers, his maternal grandfather and uncle brought him along with his mother, his elder brother to Mathura. His quest for the answers relating to the challenges continued. Ravi was admitted to ‘Real Public School’, and he started carrying his high dreams with the hope of finding answers to the challenges faced by him.

Ravi wanted to be an actor and he started looking for all opportunities he could find to fulfil his dreams. When he was in the tenth standard, his friend rushed to him carrying the news of an audition to be held at Dampier Nagar. But Ravi had severe financial challenges and travelling for the audition was out of the question. His friend, however, adjusted everything and took him for the audition as Ravi’s friend was also a candidate for the audition. Ravi was a gifted actor and he got selected. Whereas, his friend couldn’t make it. Ravi’s hopes were enlivened to have got the selection news. But Ravi still had a long battle to fight. The production house demanded an amount of Rs 35000 to begin his acting career. Ravi had no way, but to ask for support from his family members. What could he expect from the family when they were already struggling to meet their ends? Everyone suggested him to complete his studies and get hold of a government job rather than getting into an uncertain field. In fact, he was told to come out of utopia and accept real life. Acting was not a practical career for his family.

Ravi Sharma had to bury his dreams at that point in time but was never ready to compromise for less. He was determined to chase his dreams after he completed his studies and stood on his own feet.

Ravi worked day and night keeping his dreams safe in his heart and soon he built his Alkaline water company. He walked away from the norms of running after a government job and took the path of entrepreneurship. And since then, there was no stop to his achievements as he was all set to chase his unfulfilled dreams. Ravi, himself became a producer and choose to act in his songs. People loved his performance and his songs gained great popularity in the market. Today, many companies sponsor him for creating albums.

And, thus emerged Sharma Enterprises with the motto to produce classy songs and videos and create a difference in the entertainment world. Ravi further opened SR Motor, a garage, and soon started his YouTube channel with the name SR Tune. His achievements continued with his constant hard work and ideas. Ravi started his channel with Ravi Sharma Vlogs and SR Tune Shorts.

Ravi Sharma’s latest hit musical number ‘Ban jaungi star’ shot with Vanshika Hapur is highly trending in the market today.

Success has no limits, and no hurdles can stop you from chasing your dreams. Who better than Ravi Sharma can show this? Ravi accepted every challenge of his life and converted them into achievements. The young generation has to learn a lot from youth icons like Ravi Sharma.