Griffin Publication launches Tripathi Prabhakar’s ‘DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR’ on 30 April 22.  The Guest Speakers of the Event were Author Shiju H Pallitazeth from Oman, Founder of Motivational Strips and a bestselling author, Poet Khemlal Pokhrel from Nepal, author of 62 books and inventor of English Saino, Barabara Ehrentreu from New York- a reputed poet and a Radio Show Host, Mary Lynn Luiz, author of five books and a reputed poet from Florida and Melissa Begley, a popular poet from UK.

The show was hosted by Mousumi K Sachdeva, CEO- Griffin Publication.

Tripathi Prabhakar is a young, emotional poet from Uttar Pradesh, who in his Poetry book ‘Damaged Beyond Repair’ expresses his feelings in micro poetry form. The Poems are short, crisp and very touching to which every young and old can connect. The verses carry the voice of a broken heart, hopes, despair and facts of life.

Shiju H Palliitazeth appreciated the poet for his ability to outflow his emotions in just three to four lines of poetry. He said that it is a unique art and such poems can easily connect with the readers. He further encouraged the poet to keep writing and contribute beautiful poetry to the world. Author Pallitazeth also read out many poems from the book ‘Damaged Beyond Repair’ and reviewed the same.

Khemlal Pokhrel began with a beautiful saino appreciating the young poet Tripathi Prabhakar and spoke about the beauty of micro poetry. He further explained briefly about saino poetry and blessed the budding poet.

Barabara Ehrentreu appreciated the crisp pattern of expressing emotions and welcomed the Tripathi Prabhakar to her Radio Show.

Mary Lynn Luiz said that she is a lover of micro poetry and the verses of ‘Damaged Beyond Repair’ is her type od poetry collection. She blessed the poet and appreciated his art of expressing emotions in just a few words.

Melissa Begley congratulated Tripathi Prabhakar and said that all his verses as if were so close to her heart. She cherished his verses as a few were recited in the show.

Poet Tripathi Prabhakar recited his favourite poem and stated that one should let his or emotions out through words than bury them in the heart. He said that poetry is the best medium to express feelings and thus get relieved from pain and sufferings.

‘Damaged Beyond Repair’ is Prabhakar’s debut book and his next book is soon to be released.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and as KDP for all the countries.

CEO Griffin Publication- Mousumi K Sachdeva thanked all the esteemed guests and congratulated the Poet for his Debut book.