Intern Stump - The Right Learner's Choice

Intern Stump - The Right Learner's Choice

Intern Stump is an Andhra Pradesh Based E-Learning company. Which is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. There is a idea of two young entrepreneurs behind the Intern Stump they are Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar and Mr. Sai Gupta. The main purpose of establishing the Intern Stump is to provide job-oriented training in Management, Technical and Programming, Arts, Science and Professional Communication. Intern Stump is the only E-Learning company in Andhra Pradesh for giving Dual Enrolment Opportunity to their learners, if the learner is not satisfied or understood the training, the learner is being given another opportunity to join in the training for the free of cost. Apart from that, Intern Stump has 6 Training groups they are Specializations, Bootcamps, Guaranteed Trainings, Academic Project Trainings, Campus Hiring Training and Train The Trainer Programs.


What is the Meaning of Intern Stump?

Intern Stump is the combination of Two words named Intern and Stump. Intern means learner and Stump means strong element. Our intention is to make learner as a strong element. Intern Stump has it's own tagline called "The Right Learner's Choice".


How it was started?

Mr. Dimpu and Mr. Sai has said that, they do not want to see the problems that had faced by their friends during their job search. As many of the graduates went for the institutes after completion of their studies for getting Domain and Communication Skills by spending lots of money for the training and accommodation. Their intention is to give candidates that kind of Domain and Communication Skills during their studies itself. So that they won't need to hurry burry. By considering all these Things two people have started their own venture called Intern Stump and it's funded around 40M (Bootstrapping) and have 6+ MOUs with Companies and Campuses as a part of Campus to Corporate and Collaborate Over Competition Programs.


What is the Credibility of Intern Stump?

Intern Stump is only E-Learning company in Andhra Pradesh for getting recognition as Startup by the Startup India. It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We provide training by the Subject Matter Experts, Academic Experts and Company Founders and CEOs. Every training at the Intern Stump is Case Study based. Our curriculum has been designed based on the industry requirements. We provide exclusive Doubts solving sessions, webinars, workshops, quizzes, competitions to our learners during the training to enhance their skills.


How Intern Stump will work?

At Intern Stump we provide Domain and Communication Skills. Domain skills are subject skills, in which we train the subject which are needed for the industry. Communication skills are needed for getting into the industry. Before enrolling into our courses, candidate can have an access of getting a virtual or in-person meeting with the CEO or any official representative of Intern Stump for better understanding. We will have a formal discussion in the meeting regarding to the requirement of a candidate. After the meeting we will suggest you the best training for you after that candidate will get certified by the Intern Stump.


What is Guaranteed by Intern Stump?

At Intern Stump we guaranteed the Skills that are needed for the job. We assured that the candidate will be in a good position after completion of our training as we are going to refer them to the various companies and we used to conduct virtual drives for the candidates. Companies can hire the Certified candidates from the Intern Stump without any cost. Candidate will have Mock Interviews by the Corporate HRs and Company CEOs for better understanding of the skill of the candidate so that we will train and help them to be placed in company.


How we are Unique from Others?

Intern Stump is the only E-Learning company in the Entire India for offering Dual Enrolment Opportunity for its learners. If learner is not able to understand the concept clearly then he can allow to join again in the course for free of cost. We conduct exclusive mock interviews upon completion of the training with the other company founders, CEOs or HRs etc. So that we will train according to the feedback given by them. The price at the Intern Stump is low compared to any other E-Learning company. We only charge for the training, we never charge or take a penny from his salary. Our intention is to make a candidate as industry ready.


How do you help for the Interviews?

At Intern Stump we provide Job oriented training. We will train the interview skills, group discussion and resume preparation with the corporate HRs. Our main focus is on skill development of the candidate. We will make the candidate resume as unique. We will help them for writing or redesigning their resume which is acceptable by the industry. We do conduct doubts solving sessions regarding to the interviews with Corporate HRs and Communication Skills Trainers. We will add candidate in our network for sharing and exchanging their thoughts.


What are the trainings available at Intern Stump?

At intern Stump we do have 6 training groups named as Specializations, Bootcamps, Guaranteed Trainings Academic Project Trainings, Campus Hiring Training and Train The Trainer Programs. Specializations, specialization is a combination of courses currently we are offering Specialization training in Management, Technical and Emerging Domains. Bootcamps, Bootcamps are made by considering the student convenience all the Bootcamp trainings will be in Saturdays and Sundays only. Currently we are offering Bootcamps in Management, Technical, Communication, Programming, Arts and etc. domains. Guaranteed Trainings, we are guaranteed for the either internship or job once completion of the training. Academic Project Training, these are exclusive for the students who undergo for the academic projects during their Graduation or Post Graduation. Campus Hiring Training, this training is exclusively meant for the aspirants who wants to get corporate job and who will ready for attending the Campus Interviews. Train The Trainer Program, we will make candidate as a trainer. This training will be given by the Academic Experts, Industry Experts and Subject Matter Experts.


What is our Future goal?

Our Company Founders Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar and Mr. Sai Gupta has only one goal that is to establish Intern Stump Training Centers Constituency Wise and they have one goal is to see Intern Stump in everyone's resume as either employment experience or training certification.


For getting more information about the Intern Stump and the Training mechanism please visit Intern Stump website