Revolutionizing the Window and Door Industry: The Success Story of Windoorkrafts

Revolutionizing the Window and Door Industry: The Success Story of Windoorkrafts

Ashok Reddy Vontary's journey from a middle-class agricultural family to a successful entrepreneur in the window and door manufacturing industry is nothing short of inspiring. With a background in law, Ashok practiced in the courts of Hyderabad for eight years before embarking on a new path that would eventually lead to the establishment of Windoorkrafts .


In 1999, Ashok moved to the United States on an H4 visa, where he initially worked in restaurants and grocery stores, as is common for many non-IT Indian immigrants. However, driven by ambition and the desire to create a better life, he soon ventured into business. After spending nine years in the US, he returned to India armed with experience, knowledge, and a burning entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2014, Ashok's vision came to life with the establishment of Windoorkrafts , a company that aimed to redefine the way people perceive uPVC windows and doors. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Windoorkrafts quickly gained recognition in the market and became a sought-after name among architects and builders.


The company's profile showcases an impressive array of products, including uPVC and aluminum doors and windows that cater to various needs. From lift and slide doors to heavy-duty low threshold doors, the product range is designed to offer durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Windoorkrafts  has collaborated with international brands to ensure that its products meet world-class standards.


Windoorkrafts  takes immense pride in its distinguished list of clients, which includes prominent names such as Shirya Constructions, Ishta City, MyPi, Subishi, Infocity Builders, Beema Pride, Dollfine, Government of Telangana, Vasudeva, Krushi Realtors Pvt Ltd, Prakruthi Group, Legend, Muppa Inspired Living, Namitha Builders, Akruthi, Prathima, Oorjita, Pratyusha Developers, Cadol Group, and JD Projects. These esteemed partnerships reflect Windoorkrafts' unwavering commitment to excellence in delivering top-tier uPVC and aluminum doors and windows. Furthermore, Windoorkrafts  has proudly collaborated with renowned channel partners encraft and Alouk, further amplifying its dedication to providing innovative solutions in the industry.


What sets Windoorkrafts  apart is its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The company's post-sale service and consistent product quality have positioned it as a leader in the industry. With an eye on the future, Windoorkrafts  aims to enter the retail market, making its high-quality products accessible to a wider audience.


As Ashok Reddy Vontary's journey illustrates, success often comes from a combination of determination, adaptability, and the courage to explore new avenues. From practicing law to establishing a thriving business in the window and door manufacturing sector, his story is a testament to the power of dreams and the pursuit of excellence. Windoorkrafts  continues to flourish under his leadership, contributing to the transformation of the industry and leaving a lasting legacy of innovation and quality.


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Office: 040 2988 5206

Mobile: +91 99123 15206, +91 90300 07522