Lohri celebrations with Pomp and Grandeur at Prestige Shantiniketan Whitefield Bangalore

Lohri celebrations with Pomp and Grandeur at Prestige Shantiniketan Whitefield Bangalore

It is such a wonderful feeling to live in a place where resident’s zeal and excitement are at their highest and where every event is celebrated with tremendous pomp and fervour. I'm really happy to be a part of the lovely Prestige Shantiniketan Community. Congratulations to the PSN DI Lohri Team for providing us with such a captivating experience and uniting the entire Community under one roof.

The Event kickstarted by offering prayers around the bonfire followed by offering food items like popcorn, puffed rice etc other things to show gratitude towards God. All these offerening are made in order to seek blessings from God.

Everyone wore traditional clothes during celebration.

Gazak ,Popcorn, puffed rice and other sweets were distributed to the people present.

The event started with the famous Dulha Bhatti Song and it's fair to say that Dulla Bhatti has become the focus of all of Lohri's songs. This folktale is about a valiant warrior named Dulla Bhatti who stood up to the Mughals' increasing oppression as per the legend.


The stage was further illuminated by lovely folk and traditional dances performed by the residents. Along with some fusion Punjabi dance, Giddha and Bhangra performances were the main draws. The fact that everyone had a chance to perform toward the end of the dancing mob performance was another pleasant surprise.

When I hear the name "Lohri," the first things that come to mind are dance, dhol, and vadhiya khaana. Punjab's harvest festival, Lohri, is observed with much fanfare. The event, which commemorates the winter solstice, ushers in spring by signaling the end of winter. Punjabis commemorate it by starting the ceremonial fire, sacrificing food to it, dancing to the beat of the dhol, singing traditional songs, and indulging in a big feast.

We once again had a record attendance of 4500 to 5000 residents. This possibly is the largest gathering of Lohri anywhere in the World. And we are proud of this fact.

Over 15 food stalls donned with variety of food .The famous being Makki di roti,Sarson ka being  seasonal favourite and was traditionally served with a lot of makkhan on top. Lohri ki thaali was served with wholesome mustard leaves, traditional Punjabi spices, and generous amounts of ghee.

Residents danced to a variety of upbeat songs that DJ Rohit played.


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