Manual Physiotherapy,  Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Neuro Rehabilitation- Meera Physiotherapy Centre, Indore, has it all for adults and children.

Manual Physiotherapy,  Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Neuro Rehabilitation- Meera Physiotherapy Centre, Indore, has it all for adults and children.

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function. When someone is injured, ill, or disabled, physiotherapy can help restore movement and function. It may also assist to lower your risk of future injury or disease. It takes a holistic approach that incorporates the patient directly in their care. Physiotherapists diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders involving the bones, muscles, cardiovascular system, nerves, and other bodily components and systems. They can assist people in managing chronic conditions, provide lifestyle counselling, prescribe activities and devices to assist people in managing better, and provide recommendations.


Meera, as the name implies, is akin to swallowing poison.

Meera Physiotherapy Centre believes that their patients' pain is a poison that must be removed. They are one of the most preferred and trusted Physiotherapy Centres in Madhya Pradesh, functioning for the last four years, and are located in the 5-time cleanest city of India, Indore. They give their patients tailored treatment based on their age, the problems they are experiencing, or the amount of time they have been suffering from it. They specialise in manual therapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Neuro-Rehabilitation, Occupational therapy, Needling, Cupping therapy, and therapy using cutting-edge equipment and procedures. They serve adults as well as children.


 A Physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist and the hands of an artist. Dr.Madhulika Sethiya( PT. )(Director, Meera Physiotherapy Centre) has a BPT, an MPT (neuro), and pursuing PhD in physiotherapy. She has been practising physiotherapy for the last 5 years, and her speciality is Neuro Therapy and Pediatrics therapy. She tries her best to use her expertise for the betterment of the nation's future by offering comprehensive treatment to children with cerebral palsy, autism, and other disabilities. She is the Indian coordinator for the DOMTP (Osteopathy course),Ontario University, Canada. Dr.Madhulika is a successful individual who holds the position of Director (Centre in Incharge) at Meera Physiotherapy Centre in Indore. She was working with another Center when she realised what she wanted to do with her life ; deliver value-for-money services to all parts of society.


Meera Physiotherapy Centre; Paramedical Services was established in June 2016. They are a team of devoted and experienced professional Physiotherapists who work 6 days a week to give complete Physiotherapy treatment to patients while also contributing to a healthy and pain-free world. Physiotherapy treatment includes Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and Occupational therapy. The humble aim here is to prevent commercialization of this honorable profession. It is not to earn profit but to valuably and pricelessly cater to this precious human society that we strive to thrive in. It is for this bigger than profit goal, that Meera Physiotherapy Centre; Paramedical Services stands as a true definition, since its inception in the year 2016.


They want to deliver the greatest services possible to every human being in need, no matter where they come from. When they first started, they treated an average of 250 people every month; currently, that number has climbed to 700. Physiotherapy is a method of treatment which enhances the quality of life, relieves pain, restores and regains physiological functions and improves the overall; strength and balance of the body.  So without much adieu keep calm and let the Physiotherapist handle your pain.



For further information and contact details,inbox them on their Instagram page @meera_physio, or write an email to the following address.


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