Odisha Famous Instagram Fashion & lifestyle Influencer Fashionwithaniket

Odisha Famous Instagram Fashion & lifestyle Influencer Fashionwithaniket

He is from Odisha. He is a fashion and lifestyle Influencer. So, he gave the name fashionwithaniket. He graduated in Journalism and media mass communication from Birla Global University from Bhubaneswar.

It’s been 2 years since he started working as an Influencer.

Yes, at this age when you have such a huge fan following and have such influential power it’s good and it has huge responsibility also. So, he is ready for it.

Fashion with aniket does not belong to any big society or place he is from a middle-class family. His family doesn’t support him in his work as they say study is everything and a middle-class person should only focus on studying and doing a job.

Struggling period

Aniket had other ideas so he started exploring things. When he passed 10th standard, he got the idea of pursuing modeling lines as he had a great dressing sense, creative mind, and good Grooming sense. His creativity and hard work got him to great growth in his field and he started to do Collaboration with big brands like the H&m , zara , myntra , Ajio , man company, Qraamen, Wow, The PHY life, etc.

Aniket believed in himself and had self-support which never led him back. Thanks to his fans for his journey from 0 followers to 500k+ followers and yet more.

Aniket says that because of his fan’s support he has reached a big position and surely will further go for more success.

Amazon Verified Blogger

Fashion with aniket has 500k+ followers on Instagram and he is an amazon verified blogger most of my family members were in the construction line So, I just wanted to do something different. But my Family & my parents suggested to me all the time please concentrate on my studies and get a government job.

He just wants to convey a message to all parents that if your child has something creative in him/her let them explore it further to great heights and they should support them in that because parents’ support is all a child wants.

Fashion With Aniket AKA Aniket Prasad Rajak is a Famous Fashion Blogger from Odisha, India. He Has More Than 400k+ Followers on Instagram & also he is one of the top fashion bloggers In India.

He Was Just a Small Town Boy with so many big dreams & now we all know who Aniket Rajak is.

Early Life:

He Was A Normal Student Living A Simple Life But Suddenly All Things Had Changed And Now He Had A Huge Fan Following.

Hope you all like it and can relate to it in your real-life. Thank you for this love and support and If you want to know more about Aniket. Follow him on Instagram for amazing content: Fashionwithaniket.

Instagram link: https://instagram.com/fashionwithaniket?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 

Instagram username :- fashionwithaniket