Pranjali V: The Creative Force Behind The Orby House

Every individual is born creative, the only challenge is to keep the creativity in you alive, when you grow up. Pranjali V, the dedicated creative entrepreneur of “The Orby House” has made it possible with the help of her strong female-centric team.

Pranjali V: The Creative Force Behind The Orby House

Pranjali with other three equally passionate female co-founders named Shanu Agrawal and Snigdha Singh established "The Orby House" in 2020, a one-stop for shopping premium handmade home decor items that can revamp your home.

Pranjali V, the co-founder of The Orby House believes that with her strong team, she will take The Orby House to stellar heights. Pranjali who has a knack for creativity shares that her journey to curate this brand began with her passion for blending art with business, which made her explore its avenues. She then embarked on a journey where she used her art to explore themes of spirituality, duality and interconnectedness. 

In the pursuit of her creative endeavours, Pranjali realised that there was a much-needed urgency to create a platform, where she could use her prowess, that would empower other artists like her. Thus, The Orby House was born with the vision to fill in the gap in the Indian market. Famous for its tasteful yet unique handmade home décor, The Orby House is elevating people’s home decor to a whole new level of sophistication and elegance. 

About Pranjali V

Pranjali V the co-founder and the creative director at The Orby House describes herself as a contemporary artist. She is a soulful dreamer having an innate sense of aesthetics, that makes her cherish beauty in every form and shape. Making use of her unique talent, Pranjali was able to create a globally inspired home decor brand.

Pranjali's role in leveraging the position of "The Orby House" is vital in its growth. She has been overseeing the branding, designing and providing her valuable input, ensuring that every piece of The Orby House resonates with its audience. Under her esteemed guidance, the brand has marked its exponential growth. As a creative director, she is determined to offer value to the brand by providing customised solutions. 

Pranjali's artistic ventures extend beyond her role as a creative director. This gifted igneous has proved her mettle as an artist and her work has been displayed in renowned galleries such as the Holy Art Gallery and World Art Dubai. This year, she has been honoured to be the finalist for an exhibition in Venice by the Arte Laguna Prize. 

Her work has been highly recognised across all media channels and her popularity can be assumed from her Instagram channel which has 13k followers, who adore her journey to becoming a celebrated artist.

Pranjali, a Woman with Innate Talents

Her innate talents know no bounds as Pranjali organizes multiple workshops, where she teaches her students to embrace art as a meditative therapy. She is active in her role as a therapeutic art coach. This year she is planning to organise a sound therapy retreat that aims to combine sound healing, meditation and breath work to help students turn inwards to unleash their creativity. 

Pranjali has set her goal of making art accessible to everyone, reminding us that creativity is not just limited to a few but is essential for every human being, who wishes to connect with their inner child.

Her brand, The Orby House has a substantial following of 18k followers on social media. Their recent collaboration with Anika Chawla aka Hustle Rani is creating waves for their new merch collection. Pranjali and her team’s collective efforts have gained recognition and their Barware collection has been featured in leading monthly fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Their Christmas collection has been highlighted in Elle magazine, Hindustan Times, Zee News, Miss Malini and more. 

Pranjali’s journey from a contemporary artist to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a testament to her hard work and dedication, that she had put through. She is now prepared to teach other talented artists to use their skills to create business opportunities for themselves.