"Revolutionizing the Mobile Repair Industry: A Digital Solution for Tools and Training"

"Revolutionizing the Mobile Repair Industry: A Digital Solution for Tools and Training"

In today's fast-paced world, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. With the ever-increasing demand for mobile phones, the mobile repair industry is booming. However, the traditional methods of mobile repairing have become outdated and inefficient. ZsMalikTeam Mobile repairng is here to revolutionize the industry with its innovative tools for training..


ZsMalik Team is a Mobile Equipment and tools Company that providesdifferent types of devices for repairing mobile from basic to advance.

ZsMalikTeam import Good and quality tools from World and sell them across India.

ZsMalikTeam are the essential tools provider  to make mobile repair service industry in India to reach the next level.he do provide tools and give support to his customers to better satisfaction to understand every accept of tools if required.

ZsMalikTeam are also tie-up with mobile repairing institute, and also  providea tool to institute training level and even to an individual to step a mobile shop or service center.

ZsMalikTeam believe in the only quality genuine and original product.

He provide different brand tools such as Sunshine, Mechanic,

Qianli, Quick, Kaisi, Amaoe, B&R, Relif, Martview, Gsm Source,

M-Tringle, Fonekong, Yihua, Bluel, Fluke and much more .

ZsMalikTeam also help to set up a mobile repairing center or mobile shop by providing A to Z mobile repairing tools and equipments


 ZsMalikteam offers a benchmark smart board and studio setup. This digital studio setup is an all-in-one solution for training and institutions. The smart interactive panel is perfect for training purposes and can be used by institutions to represent themselves digitally.


ZsMalikteam's innovative solutions are not limited to the mobile repair industry. They have also introduced Mobilalive, an event management system that provides seamless event planning and management. Mobilalive has already made a mark in the industry by successfully managing events like Borneo Schematic 2023.


The mobile repair industry is a rapidly growing industry, and ZsMalikteam's digital solutions have the potential to transform the industry altogether. With the increasing demand for mobile repair services, it is essential to keep up with the latest technologies and provide efficient solutions to customers. ZsMalikteam's digital solutions are the need of the hour