The Pahadi Story – Curating Products for Holistic Health Derived from the Source of Purity, the Himalayas

The Pahadi Story – Curating Products for Holistic Health Derived from the Source of Purity, the Himalayas

The Himalayas have always been a source of beauty making it the perfect adventure spot for any mountain lover. Besides being the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayan region is home to various tribal populations and provides useful herbs for medicinal purposes. The livelihood of the tribes living there is thus dependent on such economic resources spread all across the region.


The Pahadi Story is a brand belonging to the Health and Wellness industry which was officially established in October, 2020. Pravin Shah is the co-founder of the brand who hails from a marketing background, and has a vast experience of two decades in building brands and businesses as an entrepreneur.


He states that the journey of establishing the brand began with a business trip to Almora, a district in the Kumaon Division of Uttarakhand state in 2019. After his interaction with

the local women farmers of Uttarakhand, and speaking to them about their aspirations and the challenges they face on a daily basis to sustain themselves, The Pahadi Story was conceived.

Pravin recalls that the conversation about their sheer grit, gumption and desire to work hard for a better livelihood left such a deep and lasting impression on him which inspired him to co-create Himalayan products from natural ingredients with the help of local women farmers, to empower their lives and generate employment.


Started during the trying times of the pandemic, The Pahadi Story is a purpose-induced brand for the empowerment of Pahadi women farmers and holistic health for the world. It brings the wellness aura of Himalayas to its customers by conceptualizing and creating Himalayan anchored holistic health and wellness products and ideas. Built around the ethereal symbol of purity, the Himalayas, The Pahadi Story’s journey of peaks-to-packs is a conscious one.


The brand strongly believes that the true meaning of existence lies in balance and is thereby committed to create and operate responsibly and sustainably by curating products reflecting their commitment to quality. The range of products include Pahadi Herb Salt, Immunity Products, Assorted Tea Collection, Honey, Incense Sticks and other accessories. Till date, The Pahadi Story has served more than twenty thousand customers and has successfully shipped over fifty thousand orders, receiving widespread appreciation all over from the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Commissioner of Kumaon and District Magistrate of Almora. It has also made a mark by associating with Amazon and delivering products globally, spreading its presence across ten new countries.


The Pahadi Story strives to expand their Holistic Health Mission with great vigor and expand their horizons by adding new products sustainably by mindfully using resources and environmental friendly alternatives. The founders of this brand take pride in driving this

empowerment by generating more opportunities and co-creating a better future for pahadi locals.


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