"Unveiling Magic: Dive into the Enchanting World of Author Dhanshree Pavanskar's Mystical Tales!"

"Unveiling Magic: Dive into the Enchanting World of Author Dhanshree Pavanskar's Mystical Tales!"
  1. What motivated you to write this specific novel, and how did the plot develop?

Having spent six years in the banking industry, I decided to leave in 2018 and start a new adventure that would revolve on my passions. Surprisingly, the craft of writing gripping stories called out to me among a canvas of interests ready to be explored. When I think back on this change, I'm struck by how mysterious my journey to become an author has been. Though I had always been fascinated with thrillers, I had never considered taking on the role of author until it just sort of fell into place. Consequently, the path to becoming an author continues to be an intriguing mystery, an unexpected turn in the story of my Life.

  1. Could you provide us some details about how you write? Do you have any special rituals or a set schedule that you follow to help you enter the creative flow?

One phrase perfectly describes how I approach writing: anti-routine. Without any set routines or set rituals, my creative process is based entirely on improvisation and uncertainty. Stories seem to come to me in the stillness of the night, carried away as though by an unexpected wind. My spouse humorously ascribes this occurrence to our 12-year relationship, drawing comparisons between it and the wacky fallout from our adorable arguments. This idea adds a delightful narrative element to our journey together.



  1. Your book's characters are incredibly unique and unforgettable. Did they come from your imagination alone, or are they based on real people?

It may be described as an influence fusion. I tend to enjoy being in social situations when I am surrounded by a multitude of people. Among them, certain characters inadvertently serve as sources of inspiration, blending into my stories with ease. It's not a conscious decision; rather, characters develop naturally when stories unfold from uncharted territories. Every now and again, hints of recognition appear, people I know or have known, blending their essence into the stories being created.


  1. Your book explores investigations and crimes. What inspired you to investigate this issue, and what ideas or conversations do you want readers to have after reading your writing?

Crimes and investigations are almost a need in the genre of suspense thrillers. But a deeper look reveals that my work does not celebrate criminality or highlight the cunning of investigators. Instead, it explores a deep theme: the idea that appearances can frequently be deceiving. The events taking on all around us include a plethora of hidden allusions and complex relationships. The spectator's spine tingles as these layers are progressively revealed. I was inspired to write this story because I want readers to be able to experience something as terrifying as possible.



  1. In your book, the world-building is very detailed and captivating. What steps did you take to create the environment, and were there any historical events or real-world locales that you found inspiring?

The places I've described in my stories are actual, livable places, not just imaginary places. The majority of these locations are taken from my personal travels and experiences, giving the story a genuine feel. I have been able to carefully incorporate the specifics of these locations' surroundings because I have personally visited these places. This direct knowledge adds a refreshing vibrancy to the descriptions and improves the world-building. The inclusion of these actual locations gives the narrative an immersive feel and enhances the reader's experience by adding a strong feeling of location.


  1. How do you, as a writer, strike a balance between the demands of the genre and the desire for originality? Did you face any difficulties interpreting well-known components in your own way?

Though I have always had a strong liking for suspense thrillers, I haven't read a lot of them in print. Instead, news stories, TV shows, and movies have been the main sources of my curiosity. This special place of inspiration has been essential to maintaining the genuineness of my stories. In addition, in order to protect my originality, I follow a firm rule: I never get ideas for my stories from current or past occurrences. Even when there are similarities, I make sure that the core of the incident is drastically changed, turning nearly in half as it becomes woven into my narrative.

  1. The story's well-written flow keeps readers interested from beginning to end. Could you describe how you keep the story moving forward and keeping tension high?

Suspense thrillers are all about timing; it's like walking a tightrope with extreme dexterity. If the story moves too quickly, the reader can miss its terrifying core; on the other hand, a slow pace could bore them. My strategy is to start out with a steady momentum and build it up gradually until the significant twist. After the disclosure, I gradually pick up the pace to make sure the reader is gripped by suspense all the way until the very end. This deliberate pacing creates a lasting impression that stays in the reader's mind long after the story is over, in addition to facilitating an absorbing excitement.


  1. How do you envision the function of conventional storytelling changing in the age of quickly evolving media and reader preferences? How do you modify your writing to appeal to modern audiences?

Regardless of the era in which stories are told, the sense of wonder and suspense is woven eternally into the fabric of storytelling. As a lover of thrillers with a twist, this feature has been a blessing given to me, ingrained in the very fabric of my stories. Furthermore, I have constantly worked to include the most recent investigation methods and current events into my stories, which enhances the narrative fabric and gives it a sense of urgency.

In particular, with regard to this book, I have made an effort to improve the reading experience for the reader by including free audio versions of every story in addition to the print version. There are QR codes embedded in the pages that invite users to move fluidly into the audio world. Through scanning these codes and following the instructions, readers can enhance the multi-faceted experience provided by the written word by delving into the engrossing audio version of each story.

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