Young Entrepreneur From Himachal Pradesh Achieves A Major Feet Against All The Odds

Young Entrepreneur From Himachal Pradesh Achieves A Major Feet Against All The Odds

Success comes to those only who work hard and face everything  their way. You cannot reach your goal if you keep blaming the problems you encounter and you’re not courageous enough to make good things out of those. If you step out of your comfort zone and put in efforts continuously. Success hugs you.

Deepak Shandilya’s story matches the above things as he too had a lot of problems he could fold and cover everything in life. But his determination and hard work brought him success today. That’s what made him lead the happiest life he always dreamt of. His brand Awsome Solution and Atraso, which is an ecommerce company supplies the auto care and household cleaning products.

Deepak, a 29 year old young entrepreneur was born and brought up in a small town in Himachal Pradesh. Being born in a middle class family, he faced all the problems and humiliations that one could face. His father used to work in a small private company. Somehow his family was having enough for bread and bed. But unfortunately his father had to resign from his work due to health issues which gave a huge blow to his family as he was the only earning member. The situation became worse.

Later somehow he started doing some contract based technical works for livelihood. His mother also started doing labor work in the government's MNREGA scheme, through which they manage the family. But this was not sufficient to manage Deepak and his sister’s education. They even used to skip a meal a day to afford the education with that money saved. They were good at school. The little amount of scholarships they used to get helped them.

Deepak’s mind was on engineering. He wanted to be an engineer and work hard to place his family in a good place. But their financial condition could be a huge obstacle. The money his parents saved was able to afford for only two semesters. So they took an education loan to afford the fees. He studied hard and finished getting an engineering degree in the electronics and communication branch. In between he also used to work at Luminous Technologies in summer and winter holidays to meet his accommodation expenses for at least for a few months.

Later he got a job as a sales and service engineer in a bio medical company in Pune. He also worked in several other companies. He also gave a few attempts to pass the Himachal Pradesh Administration Services (HAS) and Indian Administration Services (IAS) exams too. But he couldn’t pass the exams. But his economic condition was  not in good condition either. So he had to take an alternative way again.

But the Covid 19 pandemic shook Deepak’s life again. He was one among those unfortunate person who lost job by 2020. But monthly EMIs were running in banks. He had repay them by hook or crook. So he even engaged in labor work in his village. How bad could the situation be when an engineering graduate had to do the labor work on the ground?

But that pandemic too changed his school of teaching. He realized that this is not working out and something has to be done. So he decided to start his own venture. With the help of one of his friends he decided to start an ecommerce company which was into supplying auto care and household cleaning products. All these things resulted in the establishment of a company called Awsome Solution and Atraso in Punjab.

But as the people didn’t have money and the nation’s economic condition was still not good, Deepak’s company also didn’t make any business until July 2021. But gradually they started shipping products. They got registered on popular platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho. They are also a household name in offline business.

It's been more than two years since the inception of their business. The company's operating revenue surged during this period by around 2.2 times over the same period last year. This is a huge number for any startup which is in its nascent stage.

Deepak believes that unless you come out of your comfort zone and try out new things, you can't reach the target called success. The change has to be brought in the fundamental thinking process. Religious thinking of going behind the government jobs no longer holds good in this era. Younger generation has to concentrate on creating employment opportunities rather than stretching hands in front of someone.

There’s no point in continuing to blame the resources and facilities you’ve got. It’s up to you how good make use of everything you’ve. He advises to bring that positive shift in the mindset and inculcate the positive attitude.