26-year-old Mohit Arora’s Bharat Pharma and Bharat Biotech: Making India Less Dependable on Imports by Expanding APIs and Excipients All Over India

26-year-old Mohit Arora’s Bharat Pharma and Bharat Biotech: Making India Less Dependable on Imports by Expanding APIs and Excipients All Over India

The pharmaceutical industries have been experiencing a wave of change, and the Indian pharmaceutical market has been on the rise since the pandemic. Besides recording a significant increase in exports, the industry is embracing new technologies and analytics and gearing up for prevention and new treatment modalities.

Mohit Arora is a 26-year-old Delhi-based businessman who started his journey in the field of pharmaceuticals and raw materials in 2016. Considering the global revenue generated by this industry coupled with the pace of technological disruption, Mohit strongly believes that "The Future is Pharma". In his opinion, a greater focus should be laid by the government on the pharma industry to tap into the potential of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) in India.

He believes that the surge witnessed during the pandemic has shaken the Indian population to its core, and therefore every individual should have knowledge of the usage and dosage of the right medications and their side effects in case of an emergency. APIs form a crucial element in the industry, and India has a huge dependence on countries such as China to fulfil its needs for raw materials. India has a heavy 90 percent dependence on importing 35 active pharmaceutical ingredients. Mohit states that harnessing India's API potential is essential for the country's growth as a manufacturing hub and for reducing reliance on raw materials for pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

At the age of 20, the young businessman came up with the idea of expanding his business of APIs and excipients to all of India. Since then, he has been actively involved in handling all operations of his business, along with his father. Mohit’s father, Mr. Bharat Arora, has a vast experience of about twenty-five years in this industry and has successfully built a dominant position in the market with his two firms, Bharat Pharma and Bharat Biotech.

Bharat Pharma has its corporate office located in Ghaziabad and its warehouse in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi. The other firm, Bharat Biotech, is based in Baddi, Solan. Mohit's business acumen has contributed to vertical growth since he began trading with new ideas and concepts, in addition to managing both firms. 

His business has been constantly achieving major milestones, and presently, Mohit is on the verge of reaching the 200 crore turnover mark after starting with 45 crores. His dedication and work ethic have further led him to expand the horizons of his business and deal with renowned manufacturers in India. In addition, he is also vested in conducting trading business across India, including in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujrat, and Uttar Pradesh.

Mohit’s commitment to his work has helped him build an impeccable reputation in the industry and take Bharat Pharma and Bharat Biotech to new heights. Besides working with great manufacturers and traders, Mohit also aspires to expand his business further into new segments.