DADDY- High-Quality Affordable Men's Fragrance Range- A Tribute to Indian Men

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” This quote by Albert Camus exemplifies how men have been underestimating themselves and like how a diamond needs to be polished to get its glimmer. The modern men need to oomph up their persona and allow the world to be blown away by their enigma. Here’s when DADDY comes to the rescue, an authentic Indie perfume brand designed by a leading dating coach, especially formulated for Indian men.

DADDY- High-Quality Affordable Men's Fragrance Range- A Tribute to Indian Men

Sarthak Goel, a pioneer in Indie perfume and a renowned dating coach realised a few companies are catering Indian men and among them none of the brands are homegrown. Which made him understand why these brands don’t suffice the needs of Indian men. This awakening led to DADDY, a brand with a vision to empower Indian men by making them ooze with confidence and clarity through its unique fragrance. 

DADDY: High-Quality Affordable Men's Fragrance Range

DADDY, a first step towards making the Indian male dazzle across the globe. With its launch, DADDY has dispelled the myth that men don’t spend their money on grooming. 

With its stellar launch in December 2023, DADDY has left the shelves of every store and mall. Men are blown away by its aroma. After its success, Sarthak is planning to launch ‘PLAYER,’ an irresistible aphrodisiac fragrance to mimic the male pheromones. 

The company has now diversified its reach by introducing a line of comfy yet stylish t-shirts to compliment Indian men. 

DADDY’s Stellar Achievements

Since its inception, DADDY has been steadfast in establishing its name in the men's grooming industry. Within two months of operations, the brand has achieved 32% repeat order rate and has successfully delivered 5000+ orders. 

DADDY’s site boasts 100% organic traffic, with a revenue of over a million. This phenomenal growth is a testament to DADDY's commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. 

The Vision of DADDY

Behind DADDY’s massive success lies the profound vision of Sarthak Goel, who reshaped the narrative of masculinity by uniting innovation with tradition, giving the message of how a high-value man should be. 

DADDY’s unwavering commitment to empowering men and redefining the norms of positive masculinity in the modern world.

About the Force behind DADDY

The astute founder, Sarthak Goel is the visionary man behind DADDY’s success. With his background in Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Telecommunication, Sarthak has left a mark in several domains from sales, digital content creation to men’s personality coaching. 

His unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction resonates throughout the brand, making DADDY a trusted name in the men's grooming industry.

How the idea of DADDY germinated

The idea of DADDY stemmed from Sarthak’s personal journey. Sarthak realised there was a big void in the men’s grooming industry. He filled this gap by launching DADDY, a premium grooming products range tailored specifically for men. To give a tribute to the grit of Indian men, DADDY redefined positive masculinity through its unique fragrances and grooming essentials. 

The Brand’s USP:

DADDY’s perfumes contain over 40% oil content. Their perfume offers unparalleled longevity and performance, leaving a lasting impression. Their perfumes are meticulously crafted by experts based on psychological insights, perfumery knowledge, and advanced emotional and physical fragrance technology. 

The brand focusses on quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. They have a robust manufacturing team that ensures the highest standards of quality control and product integrity. 

DADDY stands as the only original fragrance that’s designed for Indian men, while most renowned Indian perfume brands imitate designer perfumes. The brand advocates for authenticity, and to honour Indian men’s grit, we are gifting them DADDY.

So, get your DADDY now.