Discover the Magic of "Tickle Bird" by Darshini Siva Paramesh – A Whimsical Journey Through Nature and Imagination!

Discover the Magic of "Tickle Bird" by Darshini Siva Paramesh – A Whimsical Journey Through Nature and Imagination!


1. What made you decide to write for a younger readership, and how do you go about developing a story that appeals to young readers?

Since I have 2 kids below 10 years of age and I read for them everyday,the way they connect their environment to stories is the real inspiration to write for younger audience and that is how my stories are crafted to resonate with children.


2. Children's novels frequently convey significant lessons. What morals or ideas did you want to get across in your most recent book?

Both my books ”Malini and the Car festival” and “Tickle Bird” carry no moral messages.They are a feel-good story where Childhood and their essence in the form of celebration is portrayed. 


3.   A children's book's illustrations are essential. In what ways did working with the illustrator improve the narrative, and how did the creative process unfold?

Children first get carried away by illustrations.So for a children’s illustrated story book,an illustrator’s contribution is equally important and that the author and the illustrator have to mutually come out with creativity that has to support the story line. Luckily Shraban(my illustrator) was able to bring out what is essential for the story. From the character creation to the background we both discussed had mutiple opinions and finally the book evolved wonderfully when it comes to illustrations. 


4.   Building a relationship with young readers is crucial. How can you write children's books that are both enjoyable and educational at the same time?

As I said before,both my books are purely for entertainment. And I so strongly feel childhood should be enjoyed, and education will fall into place gradually. With so many classes and books focused on educating kids, there are very few entertainment books, But entertainment books are very less. I feel that entertainment books are the 'need of the hour' 


5. Your characters are endearing and realistic. Do your characters reflect your own childhood experiences, and if so, how do you make them relatable to young readers?

Absolutely, the characters and the plot are drawn from my childhood experiences.That may be the reason for the characters being charming and relatable. 


6. Children can get amusement in a variety of ways in the digital age. What part, in your opinion, do children's books play in encouraging a love of reading and storytelling?

Though there are various forms of games in “digital world”. Books have their own space and value,the love for reading and storytelling gets enhanced with the books because the kids can relate to the story and the characters within the environment they live. I don’t think this experience can be provided by the digital world.


7. Children's novels have a different vocabulary and writing style. In order to keep your writing sophisticated enough to keep up with young readers, how can you adapt it to their level of engagement?

When I write for the young children I put myself in their shoes and visualise the characters and the background that will lift their mood.Both my books will have lots of sounds like”ZZZZ,Pat-Pat,Whoosh,Pitter-Patter”to engage and entertain the kidsGetting down to a child’s level while maintaining a level of sophistication requires careful use of vocabulary. 


8. Children are frequently introduced to books by their families and teachers. How do you see your books being used in classrooms or as a component of reading programs for families?

Stories are a great way to reach a kid’s heart and soul. Reading should be a part of a family's routine for sure. This will help develop a great bond between the kids and the parents. The time you sit and read to kids, you can also understand a kid’s world—their emotions, their likes and dislikes, their way of viewing life, and so many more. Educators should also use stories as a tool to educate concepts and values.


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